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Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year friends! I hope the holidays were happy for you and your families.

We spent most of Christmas break hanging out at home, snowed in. At first we weren't sure we'd have a white Christmas but then we had a little snow storm and it brought a few inches of the white stuff right before Santa's arrival. The holidays with little kids is always made extra special when we have snow here in the Pacific Northwest. This was Josiahs'a first year playing in the snow and Harper just can't get enough of it. She's obsessed with making snowmen and snowmen families and Josiah loves to be pulled around on the sled (and mommy gets some good exercise!)

Christmas was just perfect this year. We spent our first holiday in our new home together, just the six of us and it was exactly how I wanted it to be. The kids got up around 7 and were surprised by all of the presents. Because we've had babies and toddlers the last few years, I've started waiting to put all of the presents out on Christmas Eve, when Santa comes. So the kids get their very first glimpse of any presents on Christmas morning when they wake up. It's so fun!

I had some seriously happy kids this year. 

I think watching them open their presents is one of the funnest parts of being a parent. We chose the gifts very carefully this year. I've been really trying to cut down on the amount of "stuff" and I didn't want any junky toys or things that would be totally forgotten about, broken, or tossed aside the next day. Quality, not quantity! 

Santa was also very good to me this year. I got a handheld Dyson vacuum (I've wanted a Dyson for like 10 years!) And I got a new FitBit. Not that I'm really a fitness person, but I had bought this little cheap fitness tracker thingy on Amazon a few months ago just to track my steps and see how much sleep I was getting. That kind of stuff interests me especially right now when I've been really focusing on my mental health and things I can do to improve my mental health naturally. So the FitBit was an upgrade since I fell in love with the cheapo one I got. The new one is rose gold and it's so pretty and I just love it! 

My kids go back to school January 2nd, so our winter break is just about wrapping up. I cannot wait to pack up this Christmas stuff and start the new year fresh! Do you keep your decor up until New Years? Later? Or are you the type that takes it down right after Christmas? I put mine up early this year so I think I'm done looking at it for another year. Now I suppose I should do something about the walls that are about to be bare again (I still haven't decorated much since moving in). I suppose that calls for some DIY projects in the new year. 

Along with fixing up the house I also have a New Years resolution. I don't normally do them because I never seem to stick by them and I don't think you have to wait until New Years to start fresh. Every day is a fresh start. My resolution this year is to stop the negative thoughts about myself to stop comparing myself to everyone else. And to give myself more credit.

Ok maybe that's more than 1 thing...

But really, I had a rude awakening earlier this year when I realized I was super depressed and was making it worse by comparing myself to my friends and people I saw online living better lives than me. Why were they so happy and I wasn't? How come that mom with 4 kids was killing it and I was over here feeling like a failure every second of the day? Why can that person do it all and look good and I can barely manage to change into clean clothes and keep the kids from burning the house down? 

Comparison is the thief of joy. What you see online is a highlight reel. You don't know what their journey actually looks like and you can't compare what you see behind the scenes in your life to what you see on someone else's perfectly curated Instagram page or Facebook profile. 

These last few years have been rough and I'm not sad to say goodbye to 2018. 2019 is going to be a year of personal growth for me (I hope!) and I'm hoping to use my voice to help other women out there. I learned a lot this year and hope my story and my experience helps someone who needs to hear it.

So Happy New Year friends! I wish you well in 2019 and I hope you have a happy and safe end to 2018!!! 

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