My plan for less stress this holiday season

Thursday, November 22, 2018

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Well, mostly. The holidays are upon us! (how does it always sneak up like that? Wasn't it just summer like 2 seconds ago?) I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and pretty much everything there is to love about this time of the year. 

Sometimes the role of "mom" around the holidays can make me feel all kinds of stressed out. It can get pretty hectic and chaotic, from cleaning and decorating the house and finding the perfect gifts, to cooking all of the yummy traditional dinners and making memories for my family to to enjoy. There's a lot of little things that "need" to be done and I always end up feeling a bit Scrooge-like by the time I'm done trying to create those perfect holiday memories. 

This year is going to be different though, because I've got a few little tricks of the trade that I've picked up over the years. I'm hoping to have a more peaceful and present moments with my loved ones this year and 

Keep the decorations simple

Clutter and messes are known to cause me extra stress, so keeping the holiday decor to a minimum is a must in my house. I love twinkling lights and tinsel and garland as much as the next person, but it can quickly get to be too much and soon I'm feeling like every surface has something dangling from it. This year I've really streamlined what I put up and I only use things that I really love or that have sentimental value or fond memories. I've actually thrown out a lot of old decoration because they just don't hold up or tastes change after so many years. Don't be afraid to toss things you don't love or are holding onto out of obligation. 

Give yourself a break in the kitchen 

Like I said- between all of the holiday dinners, cookies, and other yummy goodies it can get a little crazy in the kitchen. When I'm not cooking up a storm I like to keep some pizza stocked in the freezer for quick and easy dinner nights where I can just chill, unwind, and catch up with my family. Red Baron pizza is something everyone agrees on- it always bakes up crispy and perfect. 

I pulled these out of the freezer on Friday night because it had just been a crazy busy day. We had doctors appointments and speech therapy to get to (because real life still goes on this time of year) and I still needed to clean the house for company and finish my Thanksgiving shopping. Before I knew it, it was 5pm and I had no plan for dinner. Red Baron pizza was the perfect solution! I threw in a cheese pizza for the kids and a supreme for my husband and I and everyone was happy! 

Remember what the holidays are truly about

Try to remember what's really important this holiday season- time with family and the spirit of giving. At least, that's what it is to me. So I'm going to try my best not to stress this holiday season and count my blessings instead. Time spent with the ones you love most is what truly matters. 

How are you minimizing your stress this holiday season? 

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