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Monday, July 31, 2017

I think every parent struggles with making the right choices for their new baby. Whether it's what to feed them, how to get them to sleep, which car seat or stroller to buy, whether or  not to give them a the early days of babyhood there are so many decisions to make and everyone is full of opinions on what's right and what's wrong. I thought I had it all covered. As a mom, I want to make sure each of my children has everything they need to grow up healthy, and it starts from birth. One thing I just recently learned is how important your baby's gut health is and why you should start your baby on a probiotic from Evivo as soon as they are born.

Evivo is a probiotic powder and the only probiotic that is clinically proven to:
  • maximize every bit of breast milk’s nutrients to feed baby
  • restore the level’s of B. infantis in baby’s gut
  • protect baby’s gut microbiome for a healthy metabolism and immune system
  • defend against bad bacteria linked to eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity

Every day thousands of mothers choose breast milk to provide their babies optimal nutrition and immunity. A University of California study showed that breast milk also promotes the growth of B. infantis in babies, good bacteria that supports a healthy infant gut. Unfortunately, most babies born today do not receive this key beneficial bacteria because today's moms are no longer passing the beneficial bacteria to their babies at birth. Many of these moms lack it themselves. Because of this, Evivo is here to help with the best probiotic for babies. -

By making Evivo probiotic powder a part of your baby's daily feeding routine, you can make a huge difference in your baby's health for life, and the sooner the better! Evivo (activated B. infantis) is good bacteria that will dominate the baby's gut, outcompeting other organisms and protecting baby from the inside out. Simply mix the probiotic powder with breast milk to help that good bacteria thrive. The first 6 months of life is the most ideal time to help establish healthy infant gut microbiome- the first step towards lifelong health!

Guess what? I have a promo code for $10 off an Evivo Probiotic starter kit! This code can only be redeemed by the first 50 people to use it, so act quickly and save $10 off! You can also pass along the code to a new mom friend or expectant mother! Simply use the code ev7-434bts9d at checkout. 

If you're a new parent I highly recommend checking out to learn more about the importance of your baby's gut  health. I wish I had known some of this stuff with my four kids! 

A big thank you to Evivo for sponsoring this post! And thank you to all of my readers for supporting the partners that make this little blog possible.

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