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Friday, March 3, 2017

Well hey's been a hot minute since I've updated the ol' blog. Truth be told- it's been a hot mess over here the last few weeks, I'm not going to lie. Between packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, and switching schools, as well as the everyday life craziness like running errands, dropping off and picking up, cooking, housework, homework, babies, nursing, pumping, diapers, and about a bajillion other things in between,  you can see that it's just insanity all the time. It never ends you guys...ever! I haven't sat down in like a month. Seriously. Besides stopping to nurse or pump, rock an upset toddler, or grab a quick bite to eat, I'm pretty much constantly running around like a chicken with its head cut off all day long. It's like all of a sudden life got really, really busy and there aren't enough hours in the day. Hashtag, momlife.

Moving sucks. I think we can all agree here. I've done my fair share of it! I'm like a professional mover now, I swear, what with all of our house-swapping we've done as we've outgrown each of our previous rentals or relocated. This last move was a doozy though. We thought we were prepared, but we had no idea how much crap we had accumulated with four kids, even after calling a junk removal to haul away a truckload said junk from the basement. Even after cleaning out each of the kids' rooms and getting rid of bags of old clothes, bedding, broken toys, and donating boxes upon boxes of unwanted toys, books, and personal items. We thought we downsized. Packing with four kids was pretty much impossible too, so the day before we moved we played a fun game called "let's throw everything in random boxes and garbage bags and call it good." Turns out, it wasn't a very fun game, but it got the job done. Thankfully, my sister in law took the little ones on moving day, but good grief, that was a very long day! We are hoping for this new house to be the last rental house and want to be ready to buy a home when the lease is up. Fingers crossed there's only 1 more move in my future now that we know for sure where we want to be, permanently. 

Now that the moving part is over and done with and we are relatively unpacked, it feels great to be in our new home! There's still a few random boxes sitting around and the walls are still pretty bare at this point, but it's starting to feel more like home every day. The house we were in before was really cute and had tons of charm, but it wasn't very family-friendly. It had virtually no bedroom storage space (IE- tiny bedrooms with teeny closets) with absolutely no linen closets or coat closets, and no storage in the bathrooms or even the laundry room. I felt like our crap was everywhere. Stuff just piled and stacked everywhere instead of being tucked away in a closet, cupboard, or drawer somewhere. I felt suffocated in there after Josiah was born because he didn't have his own bedroom and there just wasn't any extra space to put anything! 

The new house is 5 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, and it has a really great layout for a big family like mine with lots of closet space and tons of room for everyone and everything. Oh, and it has a garage...a huge plus, because the prior house didn't even have a driveway- it was street parking only. Do you know how hard it is to load a baby and a toddler into a minivan with a 2 foot berm of iced over snow you have to climb over? Anyway, the new house is amazing- everyone has their own bedroom and I have a gorgeous master bathroom (and finally a decent closet). Did I also mention it has a 6 person hot tub?! Right off of my bedroom on a private little deck in the backyard. Plus we're in a great little neighborhood and we are really close to friends, family, church, and school. 

While we're on the subject of school, moving put us into a different school district (and technically a new city- we're in the suburbs now), so the kids started their new schools. I say schools with an "s" because Ayden just got bumped into middle school, so he and Lily no longer go to school together. This is huge, you guys! He's a 6th grader, and before, our elementary schools were K-6 and Jr High was 7-8. Well the new school district's elementary is K-5 and middle school is 6-8, so my baby jumped into middle school overnight! I was so not ready for that! When I realized that I think I started to panic a little...I wasn't expecting him to be a big kid until next year. I asked the kids if they wanted me to drive them to their old school every day for the rest of the year, and they both said no and were kind of excited to start over at new schools in their new neighborhood and make some new friends. Ayden was actually excited to start middle school, so I think once I saw his calmness and readiness for it, I calmed down a little bit too. We had quite a few conversations about how school was going to change and his new school did a great job of helping prepare him for his first week. Thankfully, he took to his new school really quickly and he loves it so far. I think he was totally ready for middle school and he likes the little bit of "freedom" it might give him, like not having to walk to & from school with his little sister. Lily loves her new school as well and of course, she's already made a ton of friends being the little social butterfly that she is. Both kids have completely different start and end times for school, and while Ayden can ride a bus, Lily can't (we live too close) so I have to do the dreaded drop-off and pick-up routine again. I haven't had to do that in years!

With all of this craziness going on, I decided to add to it and started selling LipSense. If you haven't heard of LipSense, it's this amazing long-wearing, waterproof, kiss-proof, smudge-proof lipstick that wears for up to 18 hours! I'd seen it all over Instagram and finally decided to try it for myself when a friend of mine started selling it. Long story short, I spent a small fortune on LipSense and quickly realized the potential of selling the product myself! I personally know a few girls who are making a killing and are getting free trips, cars (yes, cars!), and tons of product all while playing around and posting selfies on Facebook and Instagram and selling magical lipstick on the internet. No, seriously! I'm planning on writing a blog post dedicated to all things LipSense very soon, so stay tuned for that. If you want to check it out, learn more, or buy some you can join my Facebook group or message me on Facebook or Instagram! If you're interested in selling LipSense I can help you with that as well! 

On Wednesday we celebrated Lily's 9th birthday and Josiah turned 6 months old! We picked up dinner to go, because babies, and enjoyed a yummy cheesecake assortment- Lily's choice for her birthday cake. She's so grown up looking now and is really turning into a beautifully sweet girl, inside and out. Josiah's cuteness almost makes up for that cry that still wakes me up 3-4+ times a night. Josiah, I love you dearly, sweet boy, but I wish you'd figure out the sleep thing.

And with that, baby boy's cries bring naptime to a crashing halt, so I better wrap up this "little" update. I'll try not to let so much time go by before the next one! 

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