Snow day fun [5 ways to beat cabin fever when you're snowed in]

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow there's a phrase that can strike fear into a mother's heart. It started snowing here last week, and it's been dumping buckets of huge, fluffy, white flakes on us every day since then with no signs of slowing down anytime soon! With about a foot of snow on the ground, I got that dreaded call at 5am on Monday morning. It was the school district telling me school was canceled...meaning SNOW DAY. Why, hello Monday, what a nice wake-up call. I was completely unprepared. What was I going to do with 4 kids all day while we were snowed in? Normally I'd send them outside to build a snowman or something, but with temperatures hovering in the teens, I figured outside play wasn't an option. Here are a few of our favorite tried & true snow day activities!
Game time. I love me a good old fashioned board game, but any game will do. Of course, my big kids love video games (which I'm fine with, in moderation), but board games, cards, checkers, dominoes, and charades are great options for snow days too. 

Arts and crafts. Get out the crayons and coloring books for the little ones and grab some markers, glue, scissors, paint, construction paper, glitter, etc. for the older kids and make something crafty. Better yet, grab some coffee filters or white paper and show them how to make snowflakes by folding and cutting. Hang them up in the windows and on the walls and make it a snow day inside too!

Curl up with a good book. If you're looking for a more quiet activity, books are the way to go. My kids love to read so this is an easy one for us! Grab a fuzzy blanket, a book, and maybe even hope it leads to a nap too. 

Build a fort. Take the cushions off the couch and grab some big sheets or comforters and have your kiddos help you transform your living room into an awesome fort! This usually occupies mine for a few hours, as they are constantly finding new, creative ways to keep their fort from collapsing and they are always trying to expand and make it bigger/better. It really gets their brains going!

Make it a movie day. When all else fails, pop in your favorite family movie, grab some yummy snacks, and pile on the couch (or in your fort) together for a movie day. Our go-to snack of choice is always Goldfish crackers! I love them because they are baked with real cheese and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, and my kids love them because...well, they're yummy. Goldfish crackers are a staple in this house and they are a snack I can feel good about feel good about giving my kids. I love them too!

Need another fun snow day activity? How about a chance to win $5,000? Help your kids create a fun stop-motion video featuring Goldfish crackers and submit it here for your chance to win! Never made a stop-motion video before? Don't worry, there's plenty of inspiration here and a fun tutorial here to help you get started! Check out for more contest details.

What's your favorite thing about snow days? What do you do when you're snowed in? I'd love to hear your ideas because this snow is not letting up! 

A big thank you to Goldfish brand for sponsoring this post! And thank you to all of my readers for supporting the partners that make this little blog possible.

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