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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie hits theaters on March 25th, 2016, and the boys in my house could not be more excited about it. We're big fans of super hero movies around here and it's tradition for my husband and son, Ayden, to see the midnight premiere of the latest blockbuster on the big screen together. They've already detailed their plan to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, from what snacks they're going to eat to what shirts they're going to wear (my son is going to wear a Batman™ shirt while dad is opting for Superman™). Ayden has always been a Batman fan!

In anticipation for the movie, we can now show our allegiance with the new General Mills super hero cereals: Batman™ Chocolate Strawberry and Superman™ Caramel Crunch. These two delicious flavors are available for a limited time, so make your choice- Batman or Superman?

Here's a little info on the super hero cereals:

• No colors from artificial sources
• No artificial flavors
• No high fructose corn syrup
• Only 9 grams of sugar per serving
• A good source of Calcium and Vitamin D
• 12g of whole grain per serving

Ayden obviously had to try Batman™ Chocolate Strawberry first, being the Batman fan that he is. I have to say, I'm a little biased for Batman too- I grew up watching the movies with my family. I remember playing Batman and Robin with my younger brother in our basement and watching Batman in my grandparent's living room with my cousins. My grandma even had a Batman sticker on her car. I always wanted to sit on the side next to that sticker because I thought it was so cool. Of course, the movies these days are way cooler than the ones I grew up watching. I can't wait to see Batman up against Superman in the new movie!

Along with the Batman™ Chocolate Strawberry and Superman™ Caramel Crunch cereal, you can also find specially marked boxes of other General Mills cereal that contain 1 of 4 custom comic books to get your family excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Collect them all now through March 7th, and grab a coupon for $1 off the new super hero cereals while you're at it.

Batman or Superman? Which do you choose?

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