Get your kids to eat their veggies {our new favorite!}

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

As far as motherhood goes, I'm pretty lucky. I've got three great kids who are sweet, smart, and love to eat their veggies- what more could a mom ask for? 

Alright, I guess that's not the only important thing when it comes to parenting, but making sure my kids eat healthy is a big deal for me. I'm not perfect, and we don't stick to a super healthy, strict diet or anything, but I try to make sure they get all of their fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Normally, this isn't too difficult because they love fruits and veggies. Seriously- it's their first choice when it comes to snacks. All three of them have always been great eaters who would happily gobble up everything on their plates, but sometimes the same ol' same ol' can get monotonous, both for me, the dinner-maker, and for them, the dinner-eaters. Sometimes I'm in a hurry or just not in the mood to plan an exciting side dish to go with whatever I've prepared, and plain old steamed broccoli or boiled carrots isn't always the most appetizing thing all the time. Sometimes you need to jazz it up a little, and that's exactly what Birds Eye has done to your favorite veggie side dishes.

Birds Eye's latest line of Flavor Full vegetables will turn anyone into a veggie lover with their bold and unexpected flavors. The 8 delicious varieties and easy preparation are sure to please not only the kids, but parents as well! Birds Eye products are harvested and flash-frozen at their peak freshness, and is America's first choice when it comes to frozen vegetables. No wonder, with flavors like Buffalo Cauliflower, Ranch Broccoli, and Sour Cream & Onion Potatoes. I'm willing to bet the veggies will be the first thing to disappear from everyone's plates! That was certainly the case when we tried them out here.

I decided to make some Birds Eye's Flavor Full Barbecue Sweet Corn paired with a salmon filet I was grilling for dinner. We love anything grilled or barbecued around here! I decided to throw some quinoa in the rice cooker, and then all that was left was to steam the Barbecue Sweet Corn- so easy, and so much more yummy than plain corn. 

My kids could not eat the Sweet Barbecue Corn fast enough! I mean, seriously, Lily's was pretty much gone before I even remembered to grab my camera and could snap a picture. She was shoveling it into her mouth as fast as she could and said "Hurry up mommy, it's almost gone!" I guess that means it was a hit. They loved the taste of it, and I loved the fact that it was so easy and it meant they were eating their vegetables- a win-win for everyone!

Birds Eye Flavor Full vegetables will definitely be making another appearance in my house, and I can't wait to try out the rest of these yummy sounding flavors:

Buffalo Cauliflower
Ranch Broccoli
Sour Cream & Onion Potatoes
Teriyaki Broccoli
Barbecue Sweet Corn
Sweet Chili Carrots
Wasabi Peas
Fiesta Lime Corn

I think I for sure need to try the Ranch Broccoli (the kids will love that one) and the Fiesta Lime Corn sounds like it would be soooooo good paired with some Mexican food.

Guess what? Birds Eye has a $1.00 off coupon on their website for you that you can download and is good for 30 days (but only until 12/31). Make sure to grab your coupon and check out their handy dandy store locator to find out where you can get your hands on Birds Eye Flavor Full veggies.

Which flavor would you try first?

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