Easy tips for helping a sick friend or loved one

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's officially that time of year. You know, when it seems like everyone you know has a cold or a flu just about every other week. My household is a revolving door for germs and illnesses right now, and just as one of us gets over it, another bug seems to take over and get us all sick again. The mom in me wants to take care of everyone. When I hear someone is sick or not feeling well, my first instinct is to ask what I can do to help or if there's anything they need, even though most people will refuse the offer and suffer in silence.

But what if we didn't let the tough it out on their own? There's always something you can do to help a sick friend or relative. Even if it's just a simple, small gesture, like bringing them a box of Kleenex or some cough drops. Just that one little gesture could brighten someones day this holiday season, especially if they are feeling crummy.

Here's a few easy ways to help a sick loved one:

Bring them a care package. Does your friend have the sniffles? Make sure they are well stocked on Kleenex, medicine, cough drops, vitamins, juice, etc. Kleenex are a must in this household! While soft and strong, the Kleenex Lotion facial tissues with aloe vera and vitamin E are the perfect way to soothe a sore, stuffy, runny nose. The 3-ply construction is thick enough to handle the toughest colds and are super absorbent.

Bring them some soup. Whether it's homemade or from a can, nothing beats a hot bowl of soup when you're feeling under the weather. Crackers and hot tea with honey (great for sore throats) pair perfectly with it too.
Help out around the house. Nothing is worse than being sick and having your house look like a tornado hit it at the same time. While your friend or relative is down for the count, offer to clean up the kitchen- wash some dishes, wipe off counter tops, sweep/vacuum the floor, and throw in a load of laundry while you're at it. 
Help care for their children. If your friend/relative is a parent, ask them if you can help out with the kids, and don't let them say no. Offer to babysit, or take the kids out for a few hours so mom/dad can get some uninterrupted rest. I know my children tend to get insanely restless and bored when I'm sick on the couch, and I'm always silently praying that someone would offer to take them away, even just for a few hours! 
Bring them some entertainment. Let's face it- being sick can be downright miserable, and also very boring. Swing by a Redbox and pick out a funny movie for them, or bring over your favorite book you think they might enjoy, or even a few fun magazines. 
Check in on them. Make sure your friend knows you care. Call or text them (without disturbing them or being annoying) and make sure they know you are there to help! If they don't want to be bothered, even a quick text saying "Hope you're feeling better. I left you a little care package wtih some Kleenex on your porch!" is a great way to lend a hand without being too invasive or bothersome. 

See? Easy-peasy. These aren't huge gestures, but rather simple acts of kindness you can do to help out a sick loved one. Don't just offer- make sure you do them. I know plenty of times where I've been in a situation where I craved someones help but was too afraid to take them up on their offer of assistance. Don't let the moment pass you by when you get the chance to lend a hand!

Make sure you're prepared this cold and flu season with Kleenex's exclusive holiday collection at Sam's Club. The Kleenex Winter Pack includes 3 of their festive winter design Perfect Fit canisters and 8 boxes of Kleenex Lotion facial tissues. I love the cute little designs on the Perfect Fit canisters- I've already got one sitting right next to my computer work station, just in case! Plus, they are so festive. Sam's Club is the perfect place to stock up on everything your house needs. Not a member? Just go here to find out how to become a Sam's Club member.

Here's your chance- how will you show gestures of care this holiday season? 

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