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Friday, May 2, 2014

Welcome to the Photo An Hour link up, hosted by myself, Amber from Amber Nicole Blog, and Sarah from Fantastical Sharing of Recipes! This link up is going to be super fun and easy...I hope you have all of your pictures ready and will join us. Please make sure to grab a button at the bottom of this post and add it to your own blog post so others will know where to go and link up too. And remember, bloggers love comments, so hop around the links and visit some other blogs too. When you're posting on social media like Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram use the hashtag #photoanhourlinky so we can find your posts.

*If you missed this one and you'd like to join, the linky will stay open for a week! So you can still take your pictures and join in :) 

Ready?! Let's get started.

Here's pictures from my day.

Wake up time= coffee time.

While the kids got ready for school, I started a grocery list and browsed the sales/coupons online.

Kids went to school, so now it's time for mom to get ready. I decided to skip the shower that day (I'm lazy), so dry shampoo and a messy bun it was. It was also really warm that day so I was happy to not have to wear a jacket or anything over my tank top.

Next I dropped the husband off at work and then it was grocery shopping time. I have my reusable bags down on the bottom of the cart, my sales ad, my caramel frappuccino, my list, and my phone out (I use the calculator on it to keep a running total as I go). Time to shop til I drop.

Shopping done. Now time to carry everything inside, organize the pantry & fridge, and put it all away. This is my least favorite part. Anyone want to come help?

Lunch time! Shopping left me famished, so I made a yummy toasted turkey sandwich with bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce and cheese. Then I ate the crap out of it. Nom nom nom.

After refueling with lunch, time to do my nails. My gel manicure was about 2 weeks old, so I used my gel filling method and freshened them up.

Nails done. This one is Black Shadow by Gelish MINI.

School's out. Time to go pick up the kids!

After a snack, we decided to head outside since it was a beautiful day. And yes, my lawn needs to be mowed. Badly.

Playing Legos outside in the shade.

Alright, mom's hungry again. Time for some din din. I decided to try my hand at grilling (daddy was working late and then helping a friend move). I grilled up some burgers and hot dogs, and since we love grilled asparagus I decided to try grilled broccoli instead. It was delicious and the kids loved it! I highly recommend trying it.

After dinner and cleaning up the kitchen it was finally time to sit and put my feet up for a bit. Since recently being diagnosed with a kidney stone my back was killing me, so I kicked back and watched some Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with the kids. My 9 year old loves those shows so it's kind our "thing" every week night.

8:00 means it's time for the kids to start getting ready for bed. While they put on PJs, brushed their teeth, and cleaned up their rooms I popped a pain pill and chugged some more water, hoping to get rid of this dang kidney pain. Oh, and I caught a little bit of Survivor too, but I wasn't really paying attention.

The kids were in bed reading and my husband came home to eat a sandwich really quick before heading back out to go help a friend load up a Uhaul to move. So I got comfy in bed with my laptop and a fudgesicle and got ready to finally watch Vampire Academy. However, about 20 minutes in I realized it was horrible, so I turned it off and fell asleep instead. Bummer, because I loved the book series.

So that was my day. It's a pretty typical one for me, aside from the pain pills, haha.

I can't wait to see every one's pictures!

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Lulu & Sweet Pea
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  1. I love your coffee cup!!! You are way more organized than I am with grocery shopping - and I'm totally jealous you have a Fred Meyer...I would take that so hard since we don't have a Kroger. Love the nail polish and that sammy looks good!

  2. I really hate putting groceries away! I wish I could pay someone to do the shopping AND put it all away =)
    That sandwich looks awesome!!!!

  3. I HATE putting the groceries away SO SO much! And oh my gosh, come make me lunch! That sandwich looks so good!

  4. The kidney stone must be terrible! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Cuteness! I'm so glad this is up for a week, going to do mine tomorrow :)

  6. I love Fred Meyer! I love that I can go get groceries and browse the home stuff & clothing clearance racks. Mine is literally like 3 blocks away from the house so we end up going there multiple times a week. I didn't used to be so organized with shopping but it started to overwhelm me & now it doesn't. I actually look forward to an hour out by myself without the kids! And I feel like I get a lot more accomplished this way.

  7. Lifting them out of the trunk, carrying them up the porch steps, putting them away AND having to organize & clean up the kitchen takes just about as much time as the actual shopping does! I hate it. But I love having a fully stocked kitchen :)

  8. WAS! I've been buying this pre-cooked bacon & it's awesome! I've been eating a lot of sandwiches like this. I should probably lay off the bacon actually.... :)


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