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Monday, March 17, 2014

I hope I'm not speaking too soon here, but I think our winter weather is just about over. It's been looking more and more like Spring around here and last week we were actually in the 50's and had some sunshine. Watch out...heat wave! Of course, we've also been having a ton of rain and even a thunderstorm, but I'm pretty confident that the snow and freezing temperatures are gone. Fingers crossed.

The warmer weather and the change of season means it's time to change up the hair. I've been doing the ombre thing for a while now and I contemplated getting rid of it altogether this winter. I'm so glad I didn't now though because I decided to kick it up a notch and lighten up my hair a bit more. Thankfully I have some awesome hair friends that I went to beauty school with, so we set something up and she came over with bleach and foils in hand and we got started. I asked her to bring the foils up around my face more and it came out better than I imagined.

I'm so happy with the results! Everything blends perfectly and it really lightened the whole thing up a lot. The great thing about ombre is is that it's such low maintenance. There are no roots to deal with, which is a huge plus for someone like me because my hair grows really fast. If I did regular highlights I'd have roots showing in about a week. With this color there's way less up-keep. 

While my color was processing, Ayden got a hair cut too.
Usually I'd cut his hair myself, but with this pregnancy I haven't been wanting to do it at all. Unless he just wanted me to shave it off, but he wasn't too excited about that idea. I'm thankful I have a great friend who makes house calls!

Speaking of warmer weather, the kids started swim lessons at our local YMCA to get ready for summer. Neither of them really knows how to swim, and I figured now is the time since I'll be hugely pregnant this summer. I don't want to have to haul my big ol' butt in after them if they start drowning or something, and next summer I'll have three kids to keep an eye on (which is crazy to think still). They are loving lessons and I love watching them practice and show off their skills.

So what do you think of my hair? Ombre- yay or nay?
And what's the weather like where you're at? I hope it's warming up a little.

Don't forget- Tuesday is the big day! Ultrasound day!
Can't wait to update you all with the big news.

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  1. Definitely Ombre! In STL, it was 70 on Friday and Saturday then we had a little snow on Sunday...WTH. I'm hoping winter is over, I'm ready for Spring.

  2. I need to get Noah in swimming lessons. He's 8!!! I'm glad I'm not the ONLY mom with older kids that can't swim yet... Floaties aren't going to be cool when hes 10 lol

    I love your hair! I wish mine would hurry up and grow so I could ombre it without it looking funny.

  3. Your hair looks great! I've been thinking about ombre-ing my hair for the summer. I like going lighter for the summer, but I don't make a good blonde because my roots are so dark. Ombre seems like a good fit for me. We'll see!

  4. Glad warm weather has found you! I'm still waiting on it. What did you use to lighten your ends? It looks great!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
    *100 Books in a Lifetime giveaway going on now!*

  5. Just bleach & a very high level of developer! We didn't even have to tone it afterwards because I liked the warmth it had to it.

  6. Thank you! It is SUCH easy maintenance! You can go months without doing a thing to it and it just grows out so great. I mean, I touch up my roots myself (the dark color) but I don't have to touch the ends at all. You should try it!

  7. Yeah I felt bad because Ayden was 8 going on 9 and still had a life jacket on at the lake & the water park! I'm hoping he won't need them this year. But I just never really get in the water myself and my husband isn't a big beach/water park person (it's usually just me and the kids there while he's working) so I haven't had many chances to teach him to swim, you know?

    And thank you!


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