A different kind of ultrasound tomorrow

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I've been slightly miserable lately.
I'm still suffering from morning sickness most days.
It should be called all day sickness.
Then I got H1N1. No fun.
We're also house hunting, which I talked about on Facebook.

And now, to top it off, I have to get a special ultrasound tomorrow. No, not like the fun ultrasound I had last week were I got to see the little gummy bear baby inside of my belly. That one was cute. This one is for a lump I found in my armpit. It's been there for a few months (I know, I should have done something sooner) and it's slightly painful at times. The doctor didn't seem too overly concerned about it, but did want to get it checked out since I have a pretty significant family medical history. Hoping everything is fine and the lump is just nothing- positive thinking & prayers would be much appreciated!

I'll keep you all updated as soon as I get any news.

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  1. I feel for you.. morning sickness sucks, will say a prayer that all goes well with the ultrasound and it is nothing to worry about it

  2. sending good vibes your way for an easy ultrasound with results that let you breathe a sigh of relief! Also, good luck on the househunting!

  3. Good luck with everything!! Sorry about the ignorant buttheads with the house. You'll find the perfect one. Think positive thoughts!!

  4. We'll pray extra for you and your family!

    I had a similar situation with a lump: It was a pea-sized lump in my underarm for a few months before I got pregnant. It would occasionally get larger or smaller and ache, but once I was pregnant it hurt A LOT!
    I got it checked out and it was nothing more than a benign lump that was exacerbated by hormone fluctuation. Scary, but no big deal! (I also have cancer in my family history, so I was really nervous.)
    Of course, every situation is different, but I hope this maybe will ease your mind a bit!

    God bless you guys! xoxo

  5. Oh no! I hope you feel better and that those tests come back negative! xoxo

  6. Hoping the best for the ultrasound...but what's up with the tattoos and house-hunting?! I would have thought the PNW would be more progressive about body art. Good luck with that.


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