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Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Thursday!
The week is almost over, so let's discuss what we're not loving so far, shall we?

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Doing my own nails. OK, I don't really hate this, but sometimes it's annoying. I like doing nails- especially gels, but doing your own is not fun. I wish I could just sit back and relax, and enjoy someone else hunched over, hard at work with a cramp in their hand while they do my nails. A girl can dream, right? Here's my newest gels I did the other day.

Returners guilt. Does anyone else feel bad when they buy and return something? I recently places a Target order and ended up having to return a couple of clothing items that were too big. I literally tried the stuff on once, decided it didn't fit, and threw it back in the bag to take to the store with a perfectly acceptable reason for the return and with all of the proper tags and receipt. But when I get to the customer service desk I always end up feeling anxious and guilty, and shamefully hang my head while I try to assure the Target employee that I'm not doing anything wrong or not trying to "pull a fast one" on them by asking for my money back. I know it's crazy but I always feel bad when I return stuff!

Dish Network. Breaking Bad is starting this weekend and I just realized I don't have AMC anymore! Damn you Dish Network. I know I can probably watch it online somewhere later, but it's not the same. Boooo. I did post some pretty awesome Breaking Bad pins to one of my boards though. See?

Now it's your turn!

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Lulu and Sweet Pea


  1. I wish I could pay someone to do my nails, like... every other day. I suck at it! lol I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan too... I watch it online ;)

  2. I thought I was the only one! I ALWAYS feel bad/guilty when I'm making a return. Despite certain stores super cool return policies, I always get anxious when taking my item(s) out of the bag and asking to return them.

  3. I cannot stand doing my own nails for the pure reason that they always end up looking like I had a 5 year old do them. No matter how hard I try they never look anywhere near salon quality. Sooo frustrating!!!

  4. I don't like doing my nails either! It's so tedious that I would rather pay someone to do it for me.

  5. I've never done my own gel manicure! Do you have one of those UV light things? I'd rather pay someone to do it for me, too. It's much more relaxing!

    I cannot wait for Breaking Bad!

  6. I think you did a great job with your nails!

    I also get nervous when I return things. I feel like maybe they won't believe me and think I'm trying to cheat the system or something lol. I always end up over explaining myself and feeling like an idiot... =(

  7. I sure do! I'm such a perfectionist though that I do my own though :)

  8. Same here! My stuff was obviously not worn & still had the fold marks in it & tags attached but I'm always afraid they'll refuse to take it back or something.

  9. I'll have to find somewhere to watch it online right away- waiting is going to kill me! And I'd do your nails for you :)

  10. I HATE returning things! We had to return like three different camera cards this summer when Jamie was here because they wouldn't work in my old camera! Good thing he's cool as a cucumber because it was seriously stressing me out by the third return visit!

  11. I hate returning things... it always makes me feel the same way you felt. Like I am doing something bad. LOL.

  12. Okay I am confused - I have dish network and AMC. Am I missing something?!?

  13. You must be lucky- they dropped AMC from a lot of the lower packages. Where I live I'd have to have like the BEST channel package to get AMC, and I can't afford that since I don't get the intro specials anymore :(


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