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Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Thursday!
The week is almost over, so let's discuss what we're not loving so far, shall we?

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Neck pain. I don't know what I did to piss off my neck, but I can barely move it from left to right. It hurts! I've been alternating heat and ice, and taking ibuprofen but nothing has helped so far. Hoping it feels better soon.

My internet provider. I won't name any names here, but my internet sucks. Seriously. I have to connect & reconnect my tablet every single time the screen times out and goes black. My husband has the same problem with his iPod when he's at home- constantly getting wi-fi errors & having to reconnect. So annoying! Oh, and the buffering is pretty awesome too. Gotta love paying for a service that sucks.

People talking about me, in front of me. Story of my life. The latest incident was at our local library.  I was sitting peacefully with my children at a kids event for the summer reading program (both my kids are doing it). I overheard 2 women sitting pretty close to me loudly discussing my tattoos. This is a pretty common thing for me, and it's an even mix of positive and negative comments from people. These gals were only 5-10 feet away from me and were blatantly staring at me while they conversed about how they hated tattoos and how trashy they think they look, especially on girls. I snapped a picture of myself as we were leaving so I could try to figure out what was so dang trashy about my appearance that day, but I still don't get it. Tattoos aside, I think I look like a totally boring, normal mom. Just taking my kids to the library. Trashy? Please. Tell me what is trashy about this.
Thankfully I have some awesome friends on Twitter, so when I took it to social media to vent my annoyance at their rudeness (during a children's event, mind you!), these ladies had my back!

Now it's your turn!

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Lulu and Sweet Pea


  1. :( Boo! I hope your next feels better.

  2. Yikes! I hope your neck feels better! And I hope you're feeling better after your run-in with REAL trash. :)

  3. People are so judgmental and rude. You are a better person than me because I would've said something like "being a judgmental bitch is also trashy". But hey, that's just me. LOL! I think you are awesome!

  4. I was trying to think of what to say & I was kind of in shock, so I just sat there. Of course on the ride home I finally snapped out of it & was like "Oh man, I should have said this!" It was also a children's event though so maybe it was good I didn't say anything

  5. You know, I think it's even worse that GROWN women and mothers were doing that. Especially in front of their own and other children. I think if I had the balls to be confrontational and I was quick-witted...I would have been like, "You know as a GOOD mother, I've always thought it was important to lead by example and follow the golden rule: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." >.<

  6. That's true lol. Well, you were the better person that day so good for you:)

  7. I'm never quick witted:( I always think of things to say like 13 days AFTER the event took place. haha!

  8. I so wish I would have been quick enough to think of something like that to say! I've had 2436586 conversations in my head w/ them since then & I've thought of some great things to say- next time! I'm sure there will be a next time, unfortunately.

  9. Your tattoos make you look tough! They were probably just intimidated by you! :)

  10. I hate neck pain. I fractured my neck years ago in an auto accident and from time to time it flares up. I sure hope yours feels better soon. I know how miserable it can be!
    People are so rude!! You do NOT look trashy....

  11. Bitchy judgmental moms are the main reason I dislike doing kid-related activities that involve a lot of moms that have nothing better to do than stand around and gossip about other people.

    You rock. End of story.


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