Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our birthdays

Hey guys!
Sorry if the blog is a tad boring this week.

Today is my actual birthday, and Monday was my husband's. Yep- we're birthday buddies. We have birthdays 2 days apart, which is pretty cool. We can both celebrate or suffer through it, depending on how we feel each year. We used to have big double birthday parties & barbeques with all of our friends, but now we're more of the let's-stay-home-and-just-eat-a-cake-together kind of people.

So while I enjoy my day and spend some much needed time with my family, why don't you go ahead and enter my 1000 Follower/Birthday Giveaway!

Have you entered yet? Why the heck not?!


  1. I want it all! But the Sephora gift card is super exciting - I need some new makeup!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a fabulous one!

  3. $50 to sephora! I am in need of some new mascara and eye liner. I love makeup forever eyeliner.

  4.'s my birthday today as well, and years ago, I dated a guy born on the tenth, too. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday Melissa!! Hope you had a fantastic day!

  6. Thank you! Happy belated birthday to you too :)


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