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Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Thursday, which means it 's time for another week of Things I Don't Love!

What do you think of the new button? I thought it could use some spiffing up, so I whipped this baby up on Mother's Day. I kind of love it, I'm not gonna lie. So, back to the linky party. 

The Details

Here's how it works: write up your own Things I {don't} Love post and link it up here. You can write about anything and everything. It can be about one thing or ten things, and you can choose to include pictures or whatever you'd like. It's completely up to you! Just tell me what you're not loving right now. Please make sure to grab a button or link back to my blog in some way, then hop around the link ups and check out some other blogs. Linky parties are a great way to meet new people and find some fun new blogs to follow, so have fun and be social. I always read and try to comment on every single link up!

Living in a "train town." I don't know if there's a better name for it, but that's what I call this place. Almost everywhere I go in town involves crossing a railroad track, and it just so happens that almost every day I get stuck at a train going back and forth. My favorite was on Mother's Day when I just ran out to grab a few things and got stuck at a train switching tracks for 20 minutes! Seriously. My time stamp on my receipt was 10am, I got home from the store at exactly 10:30, and I only live about 5 minutes away from the store. Ridic.

Oblivious shoppers. Oh no, it's fine. I'd love to stand here waiting for you to move out from in front of the bread selection while you text on your phone for 3 full minutes. I swear, people are zombies on their phones. I really hope I'm not one of those people. I know I'm not, but wow. How do you not realize you're in someones way for that long? And why are you at the store if you're that busy? Check your Facebook somewhere else and be more aware of the people around you.

Destructive little boys. I don't like this new "phase" my 8 year old is in. He just wants to hit and break everything. He broke 3 different toys over the weekend just by simply hitting them or throwing them over and over again. I don't get it but he seems surprised each time the toy ends up breaking. Boys...

Now it's your turn.

Lulu & Sweet Pea

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  1. I can't stand oblivious shoppers either, but I tend to encounter two varieties:

    1. The cell phone zombies.
    2. The aisle gossipers.

    #2 is the women who tend to take up an aisle catching up on small talk. Sometimes it's not even an aisle. Sometimes it's the exit. I just want to leave the store and I'm being blocked in by women talking up a storm while their carts block the doorway. And when I say excuse me (because I'm polite), I get glared at like I just walked into their private living room. It's times like these when I realize online shopping is a genius thing.

  2. I totally live in a train town too. I either have to leave SUPER early for something and wait around, or I'm late. SO annoying

  3. Hi! You've got a great blog here and I'm your follower. I'd love it so much if you could follow me back via GFC and Bloglovin :) it'd be great to keep in touch!

  4. I'm playing along this week because I kinda need it. :)

  5. I love the new button. At least the shopper is in the way because they are doing something. I don't like snobby people who refuse to scoot an inch till they are done. I've had people realize they are in my way and do nothing. They can't even say they are on the phone.

  6. Ugh I hate living in a train town. Especially since my 4 yr old son is terrified of trains, like every time he hears the whistle or engine of a train he freaks out. I'm hoping that will go away with time.


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