Things I {don't} Love

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's that time again! We made it past Hump Day, and Friday is so close. It's been a long week. Anyone else feel that way?! I like to start my Thursday mornings with a cup of coffee and a little linky party called Things I {don't} Love. So grab a cup and let loose! Tell me what you're currently not loving this week. 

Here's what I'm currently not loving:

Craft fails. Yep, they suck. Especially when you're trying to mod podge and you end up ripping all of the wet paper off in a fit of rage! Don't ask...
Snail mail. And by that, I literally mean a snail must be delivering my mail. I won a little gift card in a blog giveaway a while back. I had been waiting for what seemed like forever when the card finally showed up the other day...postmarked January 22nd! Which means it took almost two full months to get an envelope sent from Virgina to Washington. Ridiculous!

Back pain. I don't know what I did to my back this time but it hurts! I had surgery to correct a herniated disc about 2 years ago and I feel like something is wrong again. I'm really hoping I didn't re-injure it again.

It's your turn to link up your own Things I {don't} Love post!

I wanna hear what's pissing you off this week!


  1. Back pain.. I'm feeling you there! But mine is from running... eek! :( Oh, FYI... I love your "I wanna know what's pissing you off this week!!"

  2. Just found your blog. Your blog hop totally goes with what I posted today. Thanks for hosting. :)

  3. the post office really has dropped the ball on service the last few years. thats annoying.

  4. That's why I HATE media mail, it always takes forever! I will pay extra when I can to not have my books shipped media mail. Agreed! Thanks for hotsing.

  5. Oh gosh! I hope your back feels better soon! My back hurt this week, but it was due to my "monthly bill." :( Don't get me started on post office problems. I stopped counting the "we care" envelopes I've received from them because they like to rip my mail!

  6. I feel your pain I have back problems to.
    Things I do not like are people that say they will and then do not show up to help you pack! Traffic-its a nightmare when the touriists are back.
    Weather in the 80's, what happened to Spring!

  7. Wow that snail mail sure did take a long time! Crazy!

  8. USPS sucks at life!! Seriously, I hate them.



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