Things I {don't} Love

Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's that time again! We made it past Hump Day, and Friday is so close. It's been a long week. Anyone else feel that way?! I like to start my Thursday mornings with a cup of coffee and a little linky party called Things I {don't} Love. So grab a cup and let loose! Tell me what you're currently not loving this week.

Here's what I'm currently not loving:

Unorganization. My craft room/office area is a mess. I need to get motivated and start organizing things so that I can actually sew and get started on some projects! Maybe this will motivate me:


Vague, passive-aggressive Facebook status updates. Yeah, if we're friends on Facebook and you write a rude status update about me without actually naming me in order to get sympathy from your friends then you can just go ahead and delete me. If you have a problem, pick up the phone. Otherwise, you're not going to get anywhere with me.

It's your turn to link up your own Things I {don't} Love post.

Please remember to grab the button to help spread the word. You can even follow me on Twitter and let me know what you're currently not loving too. Twitter is a great way to keep up with me because I tweet links to every blog post, giveaway, linky party, and guest blog that I do, so if you follow me there you'll never miss out on anything. I can't wait to hear what you guys are writing about!


  1. I HATE clutter and things not being organized. I recently took over reorganizing the house. I went out and bought new storage and everything. Then I realized yesterday that I still wasn't satisfied so I'm on the hunt for more containers. This time I'm taking over my husband's office space. :)

  2. I hate that makeup costs money and girls who burn their hair off are famous on youtube. Not even fair.

  3. I hate that 2 well loved wonderful police officers were killed a week ago and they have devasted families and co workers. We miss them and honor them. Det. Baker and Det. Elizabeth Butler. Amazing parents, police officers and friends. I hate that their children had to walk by their coffins today. I hate that a 2 yr old and a 5 yr. old will grow up without their loving Mom. If you would like to contribute you may go to any Wells Fargo Bank and donate to the Baker and Butler fund.
    I hate that a amazing young man in my class today is going blind. I hate that another man in my class, is struggling without a hand.
    To me all of this gave me perspective on my life to an extrodinary degree.


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