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Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's that time again! We made it past Hump Day, and Friday is so close. It's been a long week. Anyone else feel that way?! I like to start my Thursday mornings with a cup of coffee and a little linky party called Things I {don't} Love. So grab a cup and let loose! Tell me what you're currently not loving this week. 

Here's what I'm currently not loving:
{and just a hint: it's all football related}

The Superbowl. Thank the LORD that's over for awhile. I'll just never understand the fascination of this game or why in the world these athletes are worshiped and paid like kings for throwing a ball around. This year I didn't even catch a single minute of the Superbowl, I saw no Superbowl commercials, and I stayed off of all social media once the game started so I could avoid all game updates. I spent the day watching season 1 of The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey! It was blissful and I'm so glad I missed the whole game, and everything else that goes along with it.

Commercials. Again, I don't get it. I personally despise commercials. They piss me off. I don't find them entertaining, funny, or amusing and I get annoyed with the fact that you have to suffer through them and listen to what some of these asinine companies are trying to force down your throat. I feel my eye twitch every time I'm watching TV with someone and they say "I love this commercial!" I don't know if I've ever uttered that sentence myself.

Beyonce. Bring on the haters. I have nothing personal against Beyonce, and I agree that she is an amazingly talented singer and performer. However, I just still don't understand the need to parade around on stage, scantily clad, gyrating all over the stage like a stripper. Every time I see something on TV about her Superbowl performance I have to quickly change the channel because it's embarrassing to watch if my kids are in the room. I would have been covering my children's eyes if I were actually at the game with them. I wish they would at least choose some more appropriate content for their halftime show with all of the families watching together.

Call me old fashioned, or even a prude, but I don't find this attractive or entertaining.

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  1. I absolutely 100% feel the same way about Beyonce! I was not impressed at all, I just think there are way better role models out there.

  2. I do NOT like Beyonce. Can't stand her.
    Didn't watch the Super Bowl - but that's only because the Vikings weren't playing. They are the only team I care about - but I don't go overboard with adoration.

  3. Beyonce looks awful in that photo! I like her though. I didn't see her performance, or any of the superbowl, so I can't comment.

    I was too busy watching Downton Abbey!

  4. And again, I second all of this!! This is why we're friends! :)

  5. Melissa, I agree with you 100%!! I was subjected to part of the Superbowl because my boyfriend was watching it, but I was also doing other things like baking lemon bars or catching up on blogs. I did catch the halftime performance, and was just like "really? that's what all the fuss is about?", only to log onto facebook and see dozens of comments like "I wish i was Beyonce!!". *sigh* To each their own, I suppose! I keep hearing about Dowton Abbey, I guess I should give it a try one of these days!

  6. I could've wrote your list about the Superbowl. I love me some Green Bay Packers. Period. SO if they were playing it would have been one awesome game... but since they weren't BORE-RING! Promise I know how to spell boring :) Love this link up! Will add to my party list and def participate in the future!

  7. I agree!! I didnt even watch it. I like football...I LOVE my team but I dont like anything about the NFL.

  8. I am NOT a fan of Beyonce at all! There is not a thing about her that I do like.

  9. I have never been a fan of beyonce. Give my Kelly Clarkson or someone with more class any day!

  10. I agree 150% Beyonce makes me ill and her outfit was totally disgusing. Most of it was made froma slaughtered python just for her to wear that day. Part of it was made of fur which is so equally digusting. Blech she makes me lose my lunch every time I have to see her Her fake blonde hair is so gross on her and the low cut everything. So low class!
    I do not watch sports and I agree with you they are paid to much and I never understand the mentality of someone who idolizes a ball player or a team. My idols are Ghandi, Buddha, my parents, American service men and women that protect our coutnry. Not some uneducated creep who throws a ball and gets paid 55 million. The people that go to these games are scary and act like idiots. I would never for a million dollars watch one or go to one. remember Brian Stowe, the Father and Paramedic who was brutally beaten at a game and now has to live in a care home and cannot every recover. That kind of brutility is what goes on at games and I want no part of it. My rule at home is zero sports are allowed on my tv. I have a rule that I will never date a guy that watches sports.

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