Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting

 My first link up of 2013's Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays is all about organization & working out

 Love this behind the door gift wrapping organization.

 source: via: The Inspired Room on: Pinterest

Awesome pantry.
source: via:  Beckie on: Pinterest

This is supposed to be super easy to make.
source: via: Elise on: Pinterest 

I wish!
source: via: Sheena on: Pinterest 

This sounds awesome because it's small & concentrated.
source: via: Kierste on: Pinterest 

I should try these.
source: backonpointe.tumblr via: Remodelaholic on: Pinterest 

Love the scalloped pyrex bowls.
source: Pinterest Mobile App via: Heather on: Pinterest 

Need to check these out!
source: via: Melissa on: Pinterest 

Love these ones.
source: via: Sarah on: Pinterest 

Supposed to be great for your thighs without doing squats.
source: via: Kelly on: Pinterest 

Who doesn't love a good calendar?
source: via:  My Sister's Suitcase on: Pinterest 

I want to start doing yoga regularly.
source: via: Anna on: Pinterest 

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