My new glasses from Firmoo

Friday, January 11, 2013

Notice anything different about me in my new picture?
 Like maybe the super cute glasses I'm wearing?

Yep, that's it!
I'd been thinking about getting some reading glasses for a little while now. I've never had vision problems, but I always wanted glasses. As a kid, I even tried lying and faking my eye exam in hopes of getting glasses, but I still never got any! Dang. But as I've gotten older I've noticed that the words on the pages in front of me are starting to get a little blurry sometimes. I was thinking of picking up some cute reading glasses from the drugstore or something and seeing if that helped.

Then I was contacted by someone from Firmoo, an online optical store, and they offered me a free pair of glasses to try in exchange for a review. I immediately jumped at the chance.

Choosing my glasses on Firmoo's website was really easy because they have this great "try it on" feature where you can upload your picture and see how the frames look on you before you buy them. It was really fun to play around with! See?

I decided to go for some basic black, square framed glasses.
Click here to see ones I chose.

About 2 weeks later my package arrived via my favorite person, the mail lady. (don't you love getting mail?!)
The glasses came with a cute little red case, a little pouch to put them in, a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses, and a little tool in case they ever need any fixing. 

I tried them on and immediately fell in love!

They're my new favorite accessory.
Especially while reading and doing my blog stuff on the laptop. The words are clear again and I don't have to squint as much at the screen. 

I've received so many compliments on these glasses and no one can believe me when I tell them that new customers can get their first pair free from Firmoo too, just pay shipping on your first order! They have prescription glasses, reading glasses, computer glasses, just for fun glasses, sunglasses, and safety goggles too. So practically anyone could use a free pair, right? Go to their website and just pay shipping on your first pair of Firmoo glasses. If you have any questions for Firmoo or the products they have you can go here to read their FAQ.
I can't wait to get my next pair! And my husband wants a pair now too. I've totally caught him trying mine on and checking himself out in the mirror a few times.

I'm definitely a Firmoo fan. Can't wait to get my next pair! Thank you Firmoo for this awesome opportunity.

Have you tried Firmoo?

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  1. i love the geek chic pic! Too cute!!

    i'm about to make an eye appt just to order some prescriptions from firmoo! I love them!

  2. You look so cute. I love me some firmoo.

  3. Luckily I got lasik a few years ago, but I could always use some new sunglasses.. Your glasses are so cute!

  4. They look great on you.

  5. Too funny about faking the exams, I used to do that to because I thught glasses were the coolest. Haha now I actually have to use reading glasses. Thought the day would never come!

  6. Those look great on you!
    Hi from a new follower via Sunday FUNday link up.

  7. Look at that swaaaaag! Love them on you! I NEED glasses so bad, and the cuter the better! Great review! Thanks for linkin up with me! XOXOXO

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  8. They look great on you!! I got some Firmoo glasses and I love them too! xoxo

  9. Love your new glasses!


    GFC Blog Hop

  10. Very cute glasses! Do you know if they ship to Ottawa?


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