Santa made me an Auntie!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

That's right...a Christmas Eve niece!

 I woke up Christmas morning at 5:45am from a text from my mom: "Christina had the baby last night at home. Had to call 911 & everything."

You might remember months ago I mentioned that my brother Robert and my sister in law Christina were expecting their first baby...a girl! This is a big deal because so far, my kids have been the only grand kids on either side for both sets of grandparents. My kids have been waiting for cousins for a long time!

My amazing sis-in-law was such a bad ass!!! 
She delivered the baby at home basically by herself! 
It was supposed to be a home birth anyway, but the midwife was supposed to be there. They had called her when labor started, but after hanging up the phone I guess things started to progress very quickly. All of a sudden Christina was telling my brother it was time. My brother had to call 911. There is a fire station close to their house so a bunch of firefighters showed up right before she pushed the baby out. She said they didn't even touch her (they'd never witnessed a birth before & there was obviously no fire to put out!) She totally birthed the baby all by herself in her bedroom with all of these people just standing around watching her. She said the baby just kinda "fell" out after 10 minutes of pushing. Then they took them to the hospital to be checked out & sent them back home about 2 hours later. Mom and baby were totally healthy & perfect! 

Sierra CheyEnne
Born on Christmas Eve at 10:37pm weighing 6lbs 12oz, 19 1/2 inches long.

Mom and baby.

So beautiful!

My little brother is a daddy!

I can't believe she's here!
And I can't believe what an amazing birth story.
Definitely makes me feel like a weenie for crying at 2 cm & asking for my epidural. (though I don't regret the epidural! 2 completely pain free, easy births? Yes PLEASE!!!)

What an amazing Christmas blessing!

Hope you guys had a great Christmas with your families! More on our Christmas later :) 


  1. Awwww, congrats!
    What a crazy & amazing birth story!!
    Your niece is a beauty! Merry Christmas, indeed!

  2. congrats and what a cutie!!!! that is an amazing birth story!!! WOW!!!

  3. Ur sis-in-law is a badass for keeping calm and just letting baby come. Congratulations.

  4. holy cow! NO way i could have done that! I am a wimp though and i tear up when i stub my toe! She is a rockstar!!

    Congrats auntie!

  5. Absolutely amazing, what a Christmas blessing! She is beautiful, congrats. :)

  6. Congratulations!! That's so exciting and good job to her! Wow I have had 2 kids and I can't imagine not having an epidural or any nurses there. I also have the only kids on both sides so I can't wait for some nieces or nephews.

  7. Now that's a Christmas Suprise!!! Congrats on becoming an Aunt!! She is so cute!!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  8. I LOVE birth stories! Congratulations on being an Auntie! How funnnn!!! Found you through the "I love my post" link-up and I'm following along now! :) Would love if you followed back?

    With Love,


  9. Hello newest follower on your blog site would love for you to follow me back. Thanks :) Feel free to Like or Follow me on my facebook fan page & my Twitter!!!


  10. Congratulations! That is such an amazing Christmas present. I don't think anyone will be able to top it next year :) I found you through the "I love my post" link-up and I'm a follower!

  11. congratulations! babies are such blessings.

    following you from the blog hop!


  12. Congrats Auntie!!! Your blog is beautiful!!! I followed you back from the Aloha blog hop. I hope that you have a Simply Heavenly New Year!!! :):):)

  13. Holy cow, your SIL is amazing...I can't imagine doing that all by myself! Congrats, auntie!

  14. Hello :) I found your blog via the post link up and love it already, I've immediately joined :) Aww this post is really sweet - congratulations! I've said this on all the other co-host's blogs too but your layout is really cute - you all have really awesome layouts haha! If you'd like to also check out my blog in return the url is :) Thanks for hosting! xxx

  15. Congrats!! She is adorable. I love the little hat on her head. That is definitely quite the Christmas present as well.

  16. Your Facebook link isn't working. :(

  17. Found you on "I Love My Post" blog hop! I can totally see why this is your favorite post! What a great Christmas gift! Congrats!

    -Maggie @

  18. Hi I found you through the I love my Post.. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute.. Happy New Year. :)

  19. What a wonderful gift :)!! She is precious!! Love the little hat :)

  20. Congratulations. Sierra's a beautiful name.

    Found you on the love my post blog hop


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