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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for...
I'm linking up again with Michelle from The Vintage Apple.

First, this is genius. I am so doing this!
  Source: via  Lacey  on   Pinterest

Cute lil owl cake.
Source: via Danni on   Pinterest

Source: via Repinly on   Pinterest

Source: via Teagan on   Pinterest

Source: via  Holli on   Pinterest

Easy paper garland sewn together
Source: via Courtney on   Pinterest

Awesome idea for random acts of kindness.
Source: via Debby on   Pinterest

So cute!
Source:  via Jonna on   Pinterest

Love her hair.
Source: via  Jay on   Pinterest

Oh Jenelle's mom...I love you! {Teen Mom}
Source: via me on   Pinterest

Another great quote from Jenelle's mom.

Source: via me on   Pinterest

Awesome idea.
Source: via Christine on   Pinterest

Love this!
 Source: ohwellsinsteadofwha via Ashley on   Pinterest

I hate when this happens :(
Source: via Kamaria on   Pinterest  



  1. I love that last one! So funny!! That time between Halloween & New Years is definitely fat time haha

  2. At first I was going to say that the owl cake was my favorite pin of the bunch, then I realized that the rug in the first pin was made of carpet squares! My husband and I have been trying to find a good area rug for our apartment but it's SO hard because they're so expensive. This is perfect! And he's all about geometrics so the square thing would be totally his/our style. I'm definitely going to try that out!

  3. love ALL the pins - especially the lovely gift for the server.

  4. The someEcards are both hilarious. Those things almost always make me laugh, no matter what! But my favorite pin of this post is the Harry Potter themed nursery! That just looks so dang amazing! I'm nowhere near having children or anything, but I sooo wish I could do this!

    Visiting today from OHP! :)

  5. Jenelle's mom stresses me out in a major way. I mean FOR REAL. HER VOICE!!!

    Those nails are so gorgeous, and they don't even look that hard! I might need to attempt some nail art this afternoon. :) They're overdue!

    found you through OHP :)


  6. Love those ecards! haha....Jenelle's mom gets me eveytime! Keffahhh

  7. John Travolta's hair drives me crazy!!!! He needs to figure something out lol it's not working.

  8. hahaaha I totally used YA BOTH HIGH! in my blog on Wednesday.


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