I'm co-hosting a Harry Potter link up!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

That's right, for the next 4 weeks I have the honor of co-hosting an awesome Harry Potter linky party. I won a giveaway hosted by the lovely Ms. Ashley, and that's how I got this co-host spot! (along with some other awesome prizes too). So, let's get the ball rolling...

What is your favorite quote from the Harry Potter series? Really? One quote? Hmmm that's a hard one. My favorite though would have to be simply "Always." <3
How old were you when you became a fan of the series? I'm not sure exactly...I was an adult though. I was a little behind on the series in my teen years.

Have you ever tried any HP recipes at home? I have not! I have a Harry Potter cookbook but I've never made anything from it. I want to try butterbeer though! Or maybe a butterbeer cupcake...yummmm
Which sort of obscure character would you want to know more about? Luna! I love Luna, and I'd love to know more about her.

Have you ever used Harry Potter to prove a point in your everyday life? Not really to prove a point, but I talk about Harry Potter at least once a day in my normal everyday life. It's a commonly quoted series in our house! Everyone gets in on it. My son even went as Voldemort when he had to dress up as a book character for school! 

Be honest...would you dabble in the dark arts? Oh of course! I mean, I wouldn't be evil or anything but I'd definitely try some stuff for fun. I wouldn't go all avada kedavra on everyone's asses or anything.

Shop you would most like to visit in Diagon Alley? Probably Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. I want to see what all they have there & it looks like the most fun.

Now it's your turn! Link up your Harry Potter posts below :)



  1. I love Luna Lovegood! She's my favorite :) Do you play Pottermore? Because it has tons of exclusive content and background information that J.K. Rowling didn't include in the books and it's amazing!

    1. I am on Pottermore! SpiritGold15005

    2. I added you. Your username is so amazing! Mine is SeekerWild11738.

  2. There was this cafe or bar that I went to that was selling all these movie type drinks. They had Harry Potter's Butter beer cocktail that I HAD TO TRY. And yeah.. it tastes just like it sounds. I finished it, but I don't think I'd order it again :)


  3. ahhh he looks so cute!! that is an awesome costume. and butter beer cupcakes sound delish as well, you're gonna have to get on that one and tell us how it goes!

  4. Love your post. We watched a couple of the Potter Movies this weekend with the kids. My husband just bought the complete set. I always get excited when I meet other Harry Potter Fans. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That Alan Rickman quote made my heart melt! Love your answers to these and that costume is so cute! :)


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