Harry Potter Link Up- I'm Co-Hosting

Sunday, December 16, 2012

 I'm co-hosting another week of this Harry Potter link up! Last week was a lot of fun and I'm loving these questions we're getting.

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This week's questions:

JK was super creative, what was your favorite word she made up for the series? I love the word Muggle. It's just perfect. It sounds like a real word and it also sounds derogatory, which is works in the books and films.

Human-esque magical species you'd most like to meet in real life (house elf, goblin, veela, giant, etc.)? I love the house elves! I wish I could have a little Dobby.

Last week we asked if you would dabble in the dark arts, say you got carried away…what would you make into a horcrux? A thimble. It's small & no one would ever try to use it for anything. It would just sit in a drawer or sewing basket somewhere, safe & sound.

Three things Amortentia would smell like to you: Freshly cleaned laundry, the pages of a beloved old book, & my husband's aftershave.

If you knew you would not be punished, what would you do to Umbridge? The Cruciatus Curse! She deserves a severe punishment.

Did you ever read fan fiction while waiting for a book to come out? Nope

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  1. I totally agree that Umbridge deserves the Cruciatus curse! Gahhhh...I hate her more than Voldemort, I think. :) Great answers!


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