Things I {don't} Love Thursday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A few weeks ago I started doing Things I Love Thursday. Since then I've come to realize that it's harder for me to think of things I love, and that it's actually a lot easier to come up with things I don't love that I'd like to share with you guys. So here's what I'm not loving at the moment:

1. This guy
Seriously? Gangnam style or whatever the crap it is? I don't get it. Why does our country become obsessed with stupid internet crap like this & then never let it go? I don't think I ever laughed or even smiled one time while seeing this guy dance around like an idiot. It's not funny! I just don't get it. Stuff like this makes me roll my eyes & think "Just go away!" Everyone stop giving this guy attention & maybe he'll go away faster.

"You Only Live Once." Uhhhhhh...when were we ever living twice? I don't understand why this phrase is some big thing. I thought YOLO was a candy at first to be quite honest. I must be getting old.

3. One Direction
Really? Boy bands again? Ok, but can we at least pick some attractive guys this time? And why do they always have sucky hair? I love how the music industries can get these groups of just average looking guys together and make every girl in the world think they are some heart throbs. I can't tell you one song they sing because I've purposely ignored everything having to do with these guys. Go away!

What are you not loving right now? This will be a linky next week so create your Things I Don't Love post too & link up next Thursday :)

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  1. My favorite thing about YOLO is the Jack Black quote about it - YOLO is carpe diem for stupid people.

    I love to say it facetiously.

  2. I agree with ^^ about the Jack Black quote!

    I totally agree with all of these!! I don't understand them. I think the YOLO thing is dumb. I actually had to google what it meant when it first started popping up everywhere.

    And I hate to admit this, (only sort of) but that stupid "you don't know you're beautiful" song by one direction gets stuck in my head EVERY time I hear it. I hate them but I like the song. It's sweet and at first I didn't realize that a teenie bopper boy band sang it.

    And if this were my list, I'd add the mustache obsession.

    1. I was going to add the mustache obsessions!!!! ME TOO. That's why I added the mustache to myself in that picture above...kind of like a spoof haha.

  3. I think that I have to unfriend you. I love love love Gangnam Style and One Direction - I have them both on a cd in my car right now.

    YOLO is sooooo stupid though.

    Interesting fun facts about Psy - that record that Gangnam Style is on is his 8th. He's a big deal in Korea. Also it's semi-satirical because apparently in Gangnam area - only the really rich get coffee because it's like stupid expensive. The song is about taking a girl to get coffee. :)

    1. It's not so much the Psy guy's how everyone then has to do a parody of it & how everyone thinks it's sooooooo hilarious. Like I'll be watching the Today show in the morning & they'll be talking about some Gangnam Style parody someone did. Really? That's news? I thought that was the fake news I could read if I went on the interwebs.

  4. Ohhhhh I love talking about things I hate! LOL! Remind me to do this next week!

  5. Ugh, YOLO. Ugh, one direction.
    The first time my husband and I heard the psy song we were like this is the most annoying thing ever. We went home and watched the music video because the radio guy said it is becoming known as the best music video of all time. We watched it and could not understand.
    But I watch Ellen DeGeneres everyday and sometimes she does it or has super random normal people do it on tv. And that, that makes me laugh.

  6. YOLO really irritates me.. especially when people use it as an excuse to do stupid things.. I don't know, I just do not get it.

  7. Totally siblings are obsessed with Gangnam style and I just don't get it! What I don't love right now is the Twilight series...apparently the last of the movies comes out today ;-)

    Jessica from the Doily Duck ... Come stop by and follow me sometime :) Thanks!

  8. I still haven't googled Gangnam style- had no idea what it was. I've never heard of One Direction either. I guess i'm old, too ;)

  9. Heeeeey! I don't love all these things too! My ears were bleeding when one direction was on the Today show the other day. Haha!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up with us for find + follow friday! Already a follower :) Hope you find lots of happy blogs! :D Hope to see you again next time!

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  10. New follower from Friday Chaos, would love for you to come by and follow back?

  11. HI following ya now from chaos. I just like the way that sounds so I'm keeping it that way =)

    If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love it if you'd join us at Local Sugar Hawaii. And... I wanted to personally invite you to join me for AN ALOHA AFFAIR-- it's a gathering and mingling at week's end and I'd love it if you'd join me, 'cause, #YOLO. =)


  12. The Gangnam thing drives me nuts! I Love Ellen Degeneres and when she promoted it on her show I didn't care for the rest of the show. I love that I'm not alone!!
    Thank you for linking up this Friday!!!

  13. I put the mustache thing on a Friday Letters post - so skeezy! For the longest time I didn't realize One Direction was a band and couldn't figure out what everyone was going on about. And now that I know...I still don't get it. At least New Kids on the Block were hot ;)

  14. Oh man!!! I actually like 2 out of your 3!
    I learned to dance Gangnam before it was even cool. So now I'm the utmost uber not cool kid on the block...
    One Direction...well, they are cute kiddos...I certainly don't get the hair. Music...I'll be a teeny bopper forever...and YOLO...
    Would you believe there is a restaurant in South Florida named YOLO...even before the song was popular!

    Anywho, i found you through the I Love My Post Blog Hop :)
    Andie's Traveling Pants

  15. You hit it right on the head! Seems like a lot of my new pet peeves have to do with facebook posts/status updates..

  16. Just found you through The Busy Bee's sponsor post. This is hilarious! Off to follow you and will be linking up in the future.

  17. OMGosh I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand that YOLO thing. LOL

    I found you from Blog Hop, I would love it if you'd follow me also. :)

  18. I agree with every single one of those! When I first heard of One Direction, I was pretty surprised that everyone didn't get over boy bands in the 90s. I was never into any boy bands personally. And their fans are ridiculous and annoying too. It's like Justin Bieber times five with British accents. All those preteen girls can't handle it.


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