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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This week I'm all about someecards. I love them. I love a good, sarcastic one-liner. I found a few this week that cracked me up & I wanted to share them on OHP. I think I must have been really cranky while pinning this week because most of these are not very nice!
I love this. I want to get one of these blank signs to carry with me so I can say this.
Source: via Elodia on Pinterest
Soooooo true.
Source: via Brandy on Pinterest
The only time this is sometimes OK is in the case of a Twitter update. I can never make things brief!
 Source: goatkult.tumblr.comvia Joh Anna on Pinterest
Seriously, so many people's lives would be much better if only they'd listen to me & do what I say! How hard is that?
 Source: via Kennedy on Pinterest
I totally thought of my bff Breann here because we have called each other with information like this if it's breaking news. Then we sit & discuss the pictures together and share our favorites. Yes, I am not-so-secretly a horrible person sometimes.
 Source: spam via  Ka Osswald on Pinterest
Every 28 days. Stop the whining's a little sniffle.
 Source: via amber M on Pinterest
 Source: via Sarah E. on Pinterest
I hate working out. I'm just so lazy.
 Source: via  Erin B on Pinterest
Yeah, Pinterest is technically work for me, because I'm a stay at home mom, right?! Hello...I'm researching here. And you get to reap the benefits, so deal with it & eat your delicious treats & enjoy that beautiful wall hanging I made today.
 Source: via Kayla on Pinterest
I can't deal with this...
 Source: via Lauren on Pinterest
Especially if it comes in a pretty bottle or box! 
Source:  via Shea on Pinterest
Yes, and make it as vague as possible, please.
 Source: via Ashlan on Pinterest

Well? I axed you a question...
 Source: via Whitnee on Pinterest
My refrigerator is covered in little magnetic pads of paper and dry erase boards for this reason. I am obsessed with lists and I enjoy seeing my progress. 
 Source: via Peggy on Pinterest
Again, how hard is it to do what I tell you to do?
 Source: via Angel on Pinterest
Well, that was fun, wasn't it?! 
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And also, if you're the crafty, foody, beauty, DIY type or have ever made something from Pinterest, make sure to link up to The Pinspiration Project going on right now.   


  1. Awesome list! Ha ha ha :) Love em!


  2. new[est] follower from the blog hop! your blog is adorable! can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  3. Ha. I pinned one of those in my post today!

  4. Hola, thanks for stopping by via Mom's Monday Mingle and leaving some GFC love and support! I appreciate it. I reciprocated the love and support and am now your newest GFC friend #405. Looking forward to getting to know you and yours!

    ~SimplyyMayra of
    PonderWonders at

  5. Hi! I love this cards. I am not very good with sarcasm but it is my husband's second language so I find these funny though. Thanks for sharing! followed you from Tami's blog hop. pls kindly follow back? thanks again :)

  6. oh thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. i need one of these sent to me daily. you had me CRACKING UP!

  7. Thank SOOOOO much for the laugh! I enjoy these very much. And thank you for linking at Weekend Blog Walk. Can't wait to see what else you got!


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