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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair
Linking up with Natalie for her weekly Coffee Talk! It always sounds like fun & I've never actually joined in, so I'm giving it a go this week (as I sip my coffee, of course).
Questions for this week:
 1. Let's talk about ink: Do you have tattoos? How many?? Oh how I loathe that word (ink). Sorry. I have too many to count...they all kinda mesh together at this point. I am living proof that you can in fact be heavily tattooed & not be a creeper. I'm a very devoted mother and wife, I dress like a "normal" person, I love Jesus, I've never been arrested & I haven't had a ticket in almost 10 years. I don't listen to death metal & I don't color my hair every color of the rainbow or look like I just walked out of Hot Topic. I'm not interested in being a tattoo model, pin up, or Suicide Girl. If you're into that, that's totally great for you. It's just not my thing. In fact, I'd like to change peoples idea of what a heavily tattooed woman can look like.
And for anyone new to my husband is an amazing tattooer.

2. Let's talk about hair styles: Bangs, do you have them, want them, or trying to grow them out? What about side bangs?  I currently have no bangs (see picture above). I've been growing out my hair & decided to get rid of them. I used to have side swept bangs like this:

3. Let's talk about work: Without getting specific with a company name, what do you do? What did you want to be when you grew up when you were young? I have been a full time stay at home mom/wife for the last 8 years. This IS my job. I work 24 hours a day 7 days a week & I do it all...every bit of cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc. I'm a domestic goddess! I am also a licensed hairstylist & nail tech. I always wanted to do hair or something beauty related, but I found my true calling (motherhood) and decided to put the career on the back burner. I also worked as a makeup artist about 2 years ago, but it took up too much time away from my family so I quit. Maybe I'll work outside of the home when the kids are all in full time school, but this keeps me plenty busy for now.
{Beauty school days}

4. Let's talk about friends: Do you find it easier or more difficult to meet new friends as an adult? Do you have what you'd consider 'blog friends'? What about IRL (in real life) friends? I have a few great friends in real life, but I hardly ever get to see them because we don't live close by anymore. My BFF lives about an hour away, but she's super busy with school & work and she also doesn't have kids, so it's gotten harder and harder over the years to find time to hang out. We get to see each other a couple times a year though & we talk & text all the time. I have a few other great friends in my hometown (about 7 hours away, where my family lives) We also talk & text regularly and I try to visit them whenever I'm visiting my family. As far as blog friends, I have 2 bloggy BFFs that I partner with for our linky party The Pinspiration Project. Amber & Sarah are awesome. We actually "met" like 5 years ago on a website called CafeMom. Even though we aren't on CM anymore we've always remained friends on Facebook & through blogging and we've become pretty close. We talk every day via facebook and/or texting, and I seriously love them. However, I have yet to meet them in real life! Crazy to think about sometimes :) 

5. Let's talk about Social media: Android or iPhone? Twitter or Facebook? I'm not a huge techy person, so I don't really give a crap about phone brands or whatever. I've never owned an iPhone or any Apple product to be honest. I'm just not into all of that. I'd love to get a better phone to help me stay connected with my blogging & networking, so I'm thinking I'm going to have to bite the bullet & fork over the $$$ for an iPhone or something similar...even though I really don't care or want to. I am loving Twitter more and more every day because all of my blogger friends utilize it more. Facebook seems like it's dying these days! What's going to be the next big thing?

That was fun! I might have to link up every week :) Make sure to follow my blog, or find me on Twitter and Facebook. Also, leave me a comment if you are a new follower...I read all of my comments & try to 
 respond & follow back.

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  1. LOVE the tattoos!

    and love your blog!

  2. you are so so gorgeous!!! Thank you for linking up this week! It was an honor to cohost and I am thrilled you chose this week to take part! Your tattoos are amazing and you are so fortuinate to have such a tallented husband! And LOL no I would never say 'ink' in real life haha. Like 'hey nice ink' creeper for sure! It's so funny the words I shorten when blogging and would never say IRL (<- see I did it again!) and yes, twitter is like a minny blogger feed. it's great to stay connected with so many amazing ladies all the time!

    1. hehe, naw I knew you weren't being serious! :) Sick ink bro! <------that's the kind of stuff I hear 24/'s so annoying! Do people not realize how dumb they sound?! LOL. See I do the shortened blogging stuff too.
      Thank you for the sweet compliments! I enjoyed linking up & I'm glad you were co-hosting this week!

  3. That was fun to read! And I think your tattoos are beautiful.

  4. Girl. You just made me have a huge non-gay full on girl crush on you! The way you described #1... you are the SHIT! We need more tattoo'd women like you out there. And I think the skanks from Suicide Girls ONLY do it to be in their magazine. Which is lame on their part. Dumb asses... And I am seriously JEALOUS that your husband is a tattoo artist. Wish you lived closer.. I would soooo be going to him! Because my dream is to have a quarter sleeve. But I just don't know WHAT to do! I have my kids and mine birth flowers as an idea.. I just don't know what to do with them! Any ideas???

    And your hair is gorgeous! My mom is a hair stylist too :) Great job!!

    Loving this girl! You have became my new bloggy BFF!! Is it possible to swap buttons with you? I would need a 240x200 button from ya!!

  5. your tattoos look amazing. they totally suit you and I also like your hair with and without bangs. bangs are always such a commitment but I am about to order some clip in ones to try out. I hope they aren't too obvious ;)

    found you on the chaos friday blog hop and following now :)

  6. I have no tattoos, : ( but i love the hair is the first photo.

    I saw your blog Friday Chaos! I am your newest follower!
    Check out my blog at!

    Have a great evening.

  7. Oh my word I love your tattoos! I would love to be covered - sadly my husband isn't all for me being covered in tattoos :( Sadness.... Hair styles. Oh, how I'm dying for a new one. I used to work in a salon as a receptionist, that was fun because they figured out all my hair woes for me. But now I'm just in a "I-don't-know-what-the-heck-to-do-with-my-hair-right-now" phase. Help?!! ;) I am also a stay at home mom but plan to start nursing school next summer {sloooowwwly} and then my hope is to one day become an ob nurse. Friends...this is a tough one for me - I've been the type to just shut everyone out but as I'm letting God work on my heart I'm feeling less and less like that. I do consider bloggy friends real friends. I love my iphone ;) And social media - I love it all.

    Check out my blog and maybe give me some advice for my current hair woes ;)

  8. Umm you are gorgeous. I don't have any tattoos, but my hubby does. I hate how, like you mentioned, people judge you based on your tattoos. It is such a bummer, as if being a Christian and having tattoos is a sin. Umm no its not. I think that it is beautiful. Well I'm a new follower and too have found the joy of motherhood.

    Please stop by at Hurley Love

  9. Visiting from Alissa's blog. Being a mom is DEFinitely a full time job. I find it way harder as an adult to make friends. Perhaps it's because as a kid and young adult, we're kind of smushed together with people of the same age in school, and after awhile it's easy to relate with them and make pals. Not so much when you're a SAHM. It takes a whole lot more effort. I really enjoyed reading about you this morning.

  10. Hey Melissa! I found you on the Coffee Talk linkup!

    1. I'm with you on the stereotype of tattooed girls. I have been known to jump on someone for saying something negative about someone they don't know just because they have tats. Your tattoos are your story. There's nothing bad about that! And your husband is a great artist!

    2. Your hair is gorgeous! I absolutely love it. :)

    I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  11. Love your ink girl. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following you as well.

  12. i LOVE your tattoos, beautiful!! i'm your newest follower, thanks for stopping over :)

  13. I love tattoos too. I have 4. On my ankle, wrist, foot, and back. I am looking to get one behind my ear. I want one on my hands but my friends and family have talked me out of it because I am in the medical field. I want one on my ribs and I know exactly what I want but I guess that is my dream tattoo cause a girl has to lose a lot of weight before I go after that one.

  14. New follower from the GFC Blog Hop, was just checking out your blog and stopped when I saw your tattoos! I love them! I have 4 currently and want to get a half sleeve done sometime in the near future!

  15. I'm also an ex-hairstylist/nail tech turned stay at home mommy! (although I'm also a part time dance teacher, but I still consider myself stay at home) LOVE all of your tattoos. I have 1, but I've always wished I had the guts to do a ton more. Maybe someday...
    Thanks so much for linking up again with the GFC Collective!
    Bre @ Peacoats and Plaid


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