Weekend wrap up & the new house

Monday, September 10, 2012

We had another great group of link ups for The Pinterest Project this week! Thanks to everyone who participated. I just love seeing all of the different versions of Pinterest-y projects!

The top 3 most clicked on link ups this week are:

 Gypsy Bee's Mug Cake

Come What May's DIY Maxi Skirt

                                    Becoming Martha's Hunger Games Party

And my personal favorite was Becoming Martha's create your own word art
I so want to do this one for Halloween! My son loves the bat one :)

Grab a feature button, gals!

And don't forget to check out Amber & Sarah's favorites from this week too :) 

Another great week of The Pinterest Project starts on Tuesday so link up again! And please, invite people to TPP. If you see a really great awesome project online somewhere, tell them to link up! 

OK so what else has been going on this last week? Oh that's right, I was featured on My Yellow Sandbox!!! I don't know if you guys are quite as excited as I am about this, but for me, it is a huge deal. I love Abby's blog & I've been a long time follower of hers so to be featured as a guest blogger on her amazing blog is a huge accomplishment for me! I'm so so honored that she had me over there. Check out my post about using apple cider vinegar as a DIY toner. It's seriously awesome. Make sure you follow My Yellow Sandbox too because Abby is amaze-balls when it comes to hair & beauty stuff. Love her! 

What else....oh, I moved. 

Our first night in the new house! Ice cream sundaes & The Lorax.

The kids have their own private road & driveway to ride bikes on with no traffic
They are in heaven!

Lily has a tree just her size to climb

I'm putting her to work. She's such a good helper & loves to clean (like her mama!)

We're about 90% unpacked & settled. Just need my wifi hooked up & need to start thrifting & hit up some garage sales for some sweet new furniture and home decor stuff. I told my husband I was going to "Pinterest the crap" out of the new house and I'm not sure if he's quite prepared for all I have planned. *insert evil laugh here*
Yay for crafty projects!!!


  1. Props to you for already being 90% unpacked!!! I moved about two months ago and still have boxes stored in closets and in the basement. And maybe some other places... :) Thanks for the link for the create your own word art! I can't wait to do this for Halloween!

  2. Hoorah for the new house! Have you guys finished unpacking yet? From what I saw, you still had a lot of boxes left to unpack, and even though you only had 10% left to go, that was still quite a lot. Well, at least you got to tick one off the checklist! Haha! Come to think of it, maybe I should start unpacking the rest of my stuff. I still haven’t unpacked my clothes, you know. They’re just there…somewhere…in one of those boxes..umm..I think I should better get to it. Congrats again Melissa, and best of luck!

    Avis Vanscyoc

  3. Haha, it seems you had a really busy week. Oh, congratulations on your move, it seems your kids are settling quite nicely in their home. How is it so far? You know, living in your home for more than a month? I hope you and your family didn’t have any trouble adjusting to a new environment.


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