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Thursday, September 6, 2012

First of all, I'm super pumped to be guest blogging at My Yellow Sandbox today!!! The lovely Abby graciously decided to feature my tips on DIY skincare using apple cider vinegar. Hop on over there & check out my awesome little feature & show her blog some comment love! Thank you Abby :)

I'm so excited to have a fireplace mantle again. Yep, the new house has one & I can't wait to jazz it up. I don't want it to be boring...ever. I wanna change it seasonally too. Here's some of my favorite ideas for fall/winter. Is it too early to be planning for Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas?!

These are via my Pinterest board
Fireplace mantle

beautiful fall mantle

Fall mantle

Halloween Mantle

fall mantle


DIY  Chirstmas Decor. Boards from Home Depot, wood stain, white sharpie marker.

fall mantle

fall mantle

fall mantle

Mantle oh mantle

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And don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspired creations to The Pinterest Project linky party.


  1. Hello there! I found you via your guest post at My Yellow Sandbox. It was so refreshing to see a beautiful tattooed girl blogging! I live in Utah, which can be a great place, but sometimes it feels like some sort of cookie-cutter bland-land where everyone looks the same. My husband and I are both visibly tattooed and sometimes we get the weirdest looks or people assume that because we have tattoos we are lazy drug addicts and terrible parents (sounds extreme but you'd be surprised). I loved seeing your cute post about you and your husband and your adorable family. I will definitely be following your blog and am happy to have found your site. Thanks!

  2. Wow!! These are amazing ideas, I really hope in our next house that we have a fireplace mantle.

  3. Makes me want a fireplace! You are beautiful and have such a cute family. New follower! Love your tip on apple cigar vinegar! Def going to try it out!

  4. I am totally in love with all of these! Now I NEED a fireplace! ;)

    And hey lady-- thank SO much for linking up for the last find + follow friday! FINALLY following you now via GFC! Hope to see you for this weekend's hop! :D

    ♥Nicole @

    p.s. I totally love your ink. too awesome. I want more, but I can't decide what! :/


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