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Friday, August 24, 2012

I am so excited to be moving out of this teeny apartment and into a house again. It's been 8 months out of a 1 year lease and we are soooo over it. We knew this was a temporary situation with relocating to a new area, but it was getting annoying not having any space or an outside area for the kids to run and play. A friend of ours found a cute little rental right across the street from his new place, complete with a really nice landlord who was very understanding about us wanting to break our lease to get out of the apartment. Perfect!

You know what that means? I have a house that's going to look pretty empty since I got rid of half my junk in the move. I literally had no where to put anything so a lot of it had to go bye-bye. As sad as it was, I'm happy that I can kind of start over and get a ton of blogging material at the same time. I'm going to be thrifting, painting, sanding, distressing, sewing, and measuring a lot in the next few months!

Here's just a few of the treasures I've been drooling over on Pinterest:

Love this for the bathroom

 Tutorial on making vintage inspired signs

I want to re-do my black kitchen table in a bright color like this
LOVE this table from Vintage Revivals!!!

Somewhere for me to hang my kids' never-ending, ever-changing art work
 kids art work

Letter Holder Key Hooks Jar Vase Organizer

I love these huge poster sized prints!

DIY huge prints--super cheap! would be great idea for bride & groom pics at a wedding, or for a birthday party or shower, etc. Can also double as super cute decor for the guest of honor to take home & display!
Really cute & easy. A string of them on the back porch would be adorable.
 Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial

I never know how to display my crap
A breakdown on how-to style a bookcase. Inspiration tips and ideas on how and where to begin accessorizing a bookcase or shelf in your home.

For my husband, who is constantly losing his keys
Cute place for keys :)

Thrifted, painted candle sticks or lamp bases. Super cute!
cool candle sticks painted aqua or robins egg blue

Children's plastic toy painted & mounted on a block of wood. Bookends!
Plastic toys, wood blocks, spray paint. I would make some with cats on them for my husband's library

DIY ottoman made out of an old coffee table.
How to turn a coffee table into an ottoman

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And if you've actually made something from Pinterest (or want to make something) don't forget to link up to The Pinterest Project every Tuesday!

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  1. Going to stalk your Pinterest board right now :)

  2. Love those tin can lanterns! We have this awkward shelf on our porch that i couldn't figure out what to do with!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I know what you mean about apartments. We were about to go crazy before we moved in our home this summer.

    Thanks for featuring my lanterns.
    Good luck with your new home and decorating plans!

  5. love it all! especially the blow up posters and DIY ottoman :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  6. LOVE that Masterpieces Kids artwork display thingie... omgoodness... i need to do that...

  7. Great pins! That sign is great for the bathroom & I really like the Grocery over the kitchen sink, too. Speaking of keys, I need to make something for ours, too. Newest follower! :) Would love to have you stop by sometime.

  8. im gonna make those book ends! love them!

    Have a great Wednesday! Drop by and say hello!


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