Acne Scar Fading Mask

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I bravely decided to try this mask that was nicknamed "The Burning Mask." Not a fun sounding name! I did some research on the interweb and came to the conclusion that it's the lemon juice in the mask that causes the burning sensation. So you can adjust the amount in the recipe accordingly for your skin and based on how brave you are. 

Here's the recipe (and ingredient properties) for the mask from Twist me Pretty:
1/2 tsp cinnamon (anti-fungal, astringent, anti-viral)
1/2 tsp nutmeg (anti-inflammatory)
1 tsp honey (many healing properties)
2ish tsp lemon juice (vitamin C is great for fading scars or lightening skin)

I decided that since it was my first time trying the mask I was going to modify the recipe (and I didn't want to totally mess up my face or perhaps melt it off after finally getting it clear of breakouts). First of all, I didn't have nutmeg, so that was out. Also, I was going to use less lemon. I've experimented with putting straight lemon juice on a few of my acne scars and I know I'm pretty sensitive to the stuff. So instead of 2 tsp lemon juice, I probably used about 5 or 6 drops. That's right, 5 or 6 drops of lemon juice. Doesn't sound like much, does it? Trust me, if you're not used to using lemon juice on your face, a few drops will definitely get your face tingling.You don't want to have a red face for a week so take it easy.

Mix these ingredients up and slather it all over your face. I guess even with only a few drops of lemon mine still ended up a little runny. 

I cannot believe I'm even showing this picture to anyone. Mine looks more like I smeared a melted Hershey bar on my face. It did smell good though, so eat some candy while you're wearing the mask or something.

Leave it on for anywhere between 10-30 minutes, depending on how long you can handle "the burn." Since I didn't go crazy with the lemon mine didn't really burn. It just felt like a warm tingle. I left it on for about 20 minutes. This stuff is kind of hard to rinse off, but take your time and for goodness sake's, don't rub! You don't want to exfoliate with that cinnamon and nutmeg right after soaking your face in this stuff. Then pat dry.

Your face will probably be pink.
 I was a little horrified at first.
It seriously did not feel like my face was burning at all. 
Definitely pink! See?

Do you love this awesome high tech picture I Photoshopped? 

I should be a graphic designer.The arrows clearly point out a pink line where the mask was. The red circles indicate the lovely acne scars I'm trying to fade. So my face was pink, but I didn't have anywhere to go, thankfully. I just prayed that I didn't give myself 3rd degree cinnamon-lemon burns or something.

Afterwards, I applied a small amount of ACV toner, my normal serums, and a dab of moisturizer. About 30 minutes later the redness was completely gone and so was the redness from some of the scarring.

Will I try this mask again? Yes, definitely. I think I will try to do it at least twice a week, and gradually increase he lemon amount.

Seriously people, do not, I repeat, do NOT use 2 tsp of lemon like the recipe says to. Your face will melt off. I'm not even joking. Try just dotting a little spot of lemon juice on your skin for a couple of minutes and see how red it makes it. That little patch test should give you a good indication of how sensitive you are to vitamin C. It's pretty potent stuff but I've read some amazing things about it's lightening ability, so I'm going to definitely stick with it. Just be cautious.

I'm making progress! I took a few cute pictures of me & the kids at the park yesterday. Now, usually I'd cringe at these pictures when I'd see them in their full sized glory on my HD computer screen. I don't like seeing pictures of myself outdoors, because in full sunshine you don't miss anything on people's skin. Am I the only one who is crazy and/or vain enough to think about this stuff? Well, call me crazy then because I do think of this crap all the time. 2 weeks ago I would have deleted a picture of myself in bright sunshine because you'd see bumps and uneven skin. I noticed in these ones though that my skin looks pretty dang good if I do say so myself.

Yes, I do still have foundation on. And no, I didn't airbrush my skin in Photoshop or anything. It doesn't look that perfect...yet ;)

You don't really see any bumps or anything sticking up, which is what you would have seen before in similar pictures. So yay for a little boost in my self confidence.
And aren't these kids seriously cute? I chased them around all afternoon with my camera yesterday and got some good park pictures. I'll do a nice picture post and summer update ASAP.

So have you tried "The Burning Mask" yet? Have you even heard of it? What about ACV? Anyone seeing results with it? I'd love to hear your updates!

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  1. Thank you for being REAL. :) I just started using the ACV toner - and I even took a before pic. ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I'm 44 and still have acne. I can't wait to try this.

  4. I am so excited to try this! After having my twins, my skin changed so much and I'm really trying hard to get it even again. Thanks for linking it to DIY Project Parade!

  5. New follower. Adore the way you write! (In a good way)! Love the pics...nice shots. Awesome post. I pinned it under Beauty Positions as Blue Strong. Glad I signed up for your emails....I like you already! :D Thank you!

  6. I currently am trying the mask! It has a warm tingle to it. I used everything to how it says except the lemon juice I used 6 drops. I tried the ACV this morning and loved how smooth my skin was!!
    I cant wait to see how my face comes out! Ox

  7. Thanks for linking up with us over at Life Lately!! Looks like this concoction it working!

  8. Try this! Its amazing! I can already tell a difference after one treatment!

  9. I have the mask on now, and I don't really notice a tingle or anything, it feels fine. I used 10 drops lemon juice. I can't wait to try the ACV.

  10. Loved it! I took your advice and used just a bit of lemon juice at first. I didn't feel a single tingle ;) I've been doing it for a few days without any negative effects, so tonight I thought I would use a little bit more lemon juice (I've have pretty bad scaring). Well let me tell you, that was a BIG mistake! I'm not sure if it was the amount of lemon juice I used or the fact that I used juice from an actual lemon, as opposed to the bottled stuff. Either way...OUCH! It melted my face off!!
    I am currently sitting here with yogourt slathered all over my face to sooth the burning :(
    I will definitely use less lemon juice next time...if any at all.

  11. this is one of my favourite face masks!(without the lemon!)
    I did a post in my blog too =)

    following now!
    bea from

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  13. How have your results been since this blog? I get random pimples and they scar horribly, I am going to try this. Once every two weeks worked or do you think once a week is ok?

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  15. It would be a useful mask to find the acne marks. Also you are looking gorgeous in this picture.

  16. It is great fun and experience in shop because they have lot of good quality product and many types.

  17. Does it work for dark spots on face also???

  18. I just tried this - OUCH. My face is all red and blotchy - but I don't think it's the lemon - I think it's the cinnamon.

    I don't know that I'd do it again given that I washed it off 30 mins ago and its' still burning/itching.

  19. I also did this.. I used half a cup of lemon juice and I felt nothing on my face. I guess I am not sensitive to lemon but the mask smelled so amazing!! I left it on for 20 mins and I used it as an exfoliator and felt totally amazing afterwards!

  20. Trying this now...along with a honey,olive oil, egg yolk mix for my hair...yeah, I look amazing right now! I used about a 1/4 tsp of lemon and feel nothing. It does smell amazing and the little grains from the spices added a nice little exfoliant touch. Was gentle with it of course. Hoping this works as I've struggled with acne and scars since 14. Here I am at 34 hoping diy works for me!!!

  21. Tried the mask today. Had all ingredients and added about 5 drops of lemon juice (not fresh). I didn't have any burning only a slight tingle. Was pleasantly surprised about the exfoliation in it. My face felt great afterwards. doing again.

  22. scared to use lemon juice on my sensitive skin, i used a teaspoon of ACV instead, will do it again ( using ACV as a toner and morning/night shots for two weeks now thanks to your post (

  23. I did everything you suggested, but my mask can out extremely lighter than in the picture. I'm not sure what I did wrong though.

  24. its the cinnamon that makes it burn...

  25. Some of you might be allergic to the ingredients like cinnamon. I made a bug spray with essential oils. My husband's skin was on fire! He tried another store bought organic/all natural and had the same reaction. Both contained cinnamon. He can eat cinnamon but when it touches his skin it becomes red and hot.

    Try raw honey too! I discovered it's wonderful effects on my acne scars too.

  26. I have the mask on now. We'll see how it works. It feels very similar to Eminence's Hungarian Herbal Mud Masque which I ADORE, but it's also $50 or so, so I'm down with this DIY masque. And yes, the lemon juice shouldn't burn, the cinnamon causes the redness and burning sensation. If you can't handle the burn, use less cinnamon and soak that lemon juice up!

  27. third time using it, i LOVE it ! im so glad i found your blog, i just love the way you write <3

  28. one more time today ! im increasing the amount of lemon juice every time

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