Birthday goodies from my kids

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 28. 
As I get older I realize more and more that I have no desire to really celebrate my birthday at all. In fact, this year I completely forgot about it until just a few days before. The cool thing though is that my husband's birthday is only 2 days before mine, so we usually do something together that's low key.

I woke up in the morning to get my son up for school. I opened his bedroom door to find both kids awake and dressed, and I was greeted with "Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!" Then they showered me kisses and gave me my gifts that they had been working on together all morning. (while I was still sleeping!)

They made this together. 
(I love how Lily's name is written backwards at the top).

Ayden drew this and Lily added the stickers & the picture of the kitty cat.

Ayden copied this sticker from Daddy's work. He wants daddy to take it to work & hang it up. He's 7...isn't he an amazing little artist?!

And my sweet Lily made this little sticker book & bracelet for me. I love how on the bracelet she accidentally spelled the word "soda." I pointed it out & she said "Yeah! Because you love Pepsi!" Haha, I love it :)

Lily let me borrow her birthday pin today. What a nice girl.

Funny thing is, I made my husband wear it at a shop party/birthday party had the other night! Yep, he's my dream girl! More pictures of that later.

So even though we didn't do a whole lot for our birthdays, I certainly feel the love. I'm so blessed to have such precious kids that make me such special presents. They are so giving! They love to do things for others, and I love that about them. 

Also, my Mommy & Daddy sent me a birthday check to get myself a new Nook!!! Yep, I'm gonna get myself a Nook Tablet & give my old one to Shayne. Can't wait! My parents are awesome.

Best birthday presents ever.
Aunie Sauce


  1. Your kids are so adorable. And seriously talented with the drawing :)


  2. I second Sarah!!
    I love Lily's reply about the soda! So funny!


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