Are you ready for an update on my amazing DIY skincare routine?

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's almost ready.

Check back tomorrow morning for the 2 week update. You won't want to miss this! :)

Have you been using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on your skin?
Check out my post on the amazing must have DIY skincare item here.


  1. No joke, I have been using ACV and I kind of love it!
    I have psoriasis on my knees and elbows and I've been using it nondiluted there and it actually helps! It's weird but I love it!

  2. I have been using it and it was doing pretty good but that time of the month has arrived and I think they are having a war. I woke up with a few new pimples. I did have to up the water ACV ratio...added more ACV...maybe that will help fight off these that decided to stop by for a visit! I want to try the lemon juice thing I saw on Pinterest to see if it will lighten up spots.


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