Save or Splurge? Beauty Products

Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm kind of a product snob when it comes to certain beauty items. Don't get me wrong, I love a good bargain, but sometimes you have to splurge a little bit. The key is to know what to splurge on and when you can save some money on a drugstore item.

My all time #1 splurge item when it comes to beauty stuff is kind of a big one, and a very broad one. It's skincare. I know, that could be a number of things. But when it comes to beauty, it starts with your skin, so splurging on quality skin care is going to pay off in the long run. Think of it this way: splurge on a good eye cream and then save on money when you don't have to cake on concealer to cover up the dark circles and bags underneath your eyes. Splurge on a good serum and then you don't need quite as much foundation because your skin tone will be more even and smooth. Splurge on a good night cream and save on Botox & face lifts later on. Ok, so a good night cream isn't going to give you surgical results, but you get my point, right? 

I'm not saying you have to spend a fortune on each and every skincare item you buy.

 For example, I use this Neutrogena face wash from Walmart for about $6. 
I have tried a ton of cleansers from just about every brand and this one takes all of my makeup off (even waterproof eyeliner!) and it doesn't make my face dry out either. I honestly don't care what brand of cleanser I use or how much it costs as long as it gets my face clean and removes all of my makeup. So for me, I like to save when it comes to washing my face

I save money by buying the cheap face wash. So what's something I splurge on? My moisturizer.
Lancome High Resolution.
 I used to work for Lancome, so that's how I got started with using this line and I still love it. High Resolution is perfect for the first signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. It has "refill 3x" in the name because it has 3 key ingredients in it that act as natural skin fillers- elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Yes, at the age of 27 I can honestly say that I do have the first signs of aging. I have a few fine lines on my forehead that just don't like to go away now. And since my husband is anti Botox (at least for now) I've been using this stuff faithfully for a couple of years and it's my absolute favorite. It's moisturizing but not too overly greasy. I have oily skin so anything heavy is a big no no for me. I use this stuff morning and night (there is a day cream and a night cream, but as far as I know the only major difference is that the day cream has SPF 15 in it and the night cream doesn't). This baby is definitely a splurge at $78 for 1.7oz. 

So what's a beauty item that you save on? Do you have a splurge item that you just can't live without? 

Look for more save/splurge beauty items in my upcoming blog posts.

A nerd post

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows that I love all things hair, makeup, nails, skincare, etc. I also love crafty stuff like sewing, quilting, painting & refinishing furniture, and I dabble in scrap booking. However, I've failed to include another of my favorite hobbies in my blog so far and I think it's time to let you in on my secret:

I'm a nerd

A book nerd. I love to read, especially young adult fiction. Yep. I'm that girl. I'm the 27 year old married mom who will drag her kids to the teen section of the library while all of the real teens sit & stare at me from their laptops.

Some of my favorite books & series include the following (feel free to laugh if you want. I've accepted it).

Harry Potter by JK Rowling.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater.

The Fallen series by Lauren Kate.

These are just a few of my favorites and my to-read list grows every day. These are my go-to's when someone says "do you know any good books I should read?" I own most of these and I'd say over half of them are being lent out to friends right now...I just love lending a great book. I don't even wait for friends to ask anymore. If you come over to my house and we start talking about books, chances are I will grab a stack of them and force you to take them home and read them.

I thoroughly enjoy hearing other people excitedly talk about the characters and stories that they've read and grown to love. I know how happy I get when I can curl up with a good book and get lost in the story for hours. I've sat & obsessively read a book in 12 hours and then had to wait an entire year for the 2nd & 3rd books to come out (Hunger Games). I know what it's like to sit up at 3 in the morning with a tiny book light and weep over your favorite character dying. (Harry Potter!) I've even boycotted books before, trying to tell myself "I'm not reading's stupid," only to finally give in and read an entire series in a week and then kick myself for being so behind with the times (Twilight). 

Sharing a good book is definitely something that brings me a lot of joy. Regardless of what type of book it is that you decide to pick up and read, good for you. Read it! It's better than that rerun of Jersey Shore that's on tonight, I promise.

So what are some of your favorite books? Have you read any of my favorites?

You can also follow me on Goodreads...I'd love to see what you're reading!


Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm alive.

It's been 7 months since my last blog post. In my last update I told you about how I should not operate electronic devices before I've had my coffee. Actually...I shouldn't operate electronic devices while having my coffee, because that's how I ruined my brand new laptop (coffee + french vanilla creamer = sticky, fried keyboard). 

So the no laptop thing combined with the fact that I no longer have my own crafting room kind of deterred me from blogging & getting my craft on. I contemplated deleting my blog, but I couldn't just throw away all of my hard work I had invested in it. I had few friends ask about my blog over the last few months. Finally yesterday 2 of my bloggy buddies, Amber @ My Three Bittles and Sarah @ Fortune Favors the Brave, posted on my facebook that I should blog again. Honestly, I'd been wanting to get back into it for the last month or so, but I didn't really know how. You do I start over again? Well, write a blog...that's how! So here it is. 

I'm working on a super cute quilt right now, but I can't post any pictures just yet because it's kind of a secret project for someone. I know, I know, that sucks. But I don't want to spoil the surprise. I have a few ideas for some smaller projects too though, so I'm hoping to start those next week and I will be sure to dish on all of that here. I've also been doing a lot of reading, so you can expect some nerdy book talk in the future as well as my beauty tips, product reviews, crafty stuff, kid stuff, and lots of pictures. 

I'm also planning a giveaway when I reach 100 followers! So share this blog with your friends & follow me on Pinterest!

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