The boxes are piling up

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ok, first things first. Look at these little cuties enjoying their summer.

I love this one. Eyes closed because it was so bright

It's almost moving day! 
We should be getting into our house on Saturday or Sunday & I have so much to do still. Actually, I've barely started. And actually, I probably shouldn't even be blogging right now, or even be on the internet at all. Seriously, it's like I have no self control at all. Or I'm lazy. Thankfully it is a very short move (right across the street!) so I can kind of just throw everything into boxes at the last minute and call it good, right?! Right...

So what will I be doing tomorrow and Friday instead of packing? Painting! Pretty much the whole entire house needs to be repainted and I told the homeowners not to worry about. Why, you might ask? Because I'm insane. And a control freak. And apparently I think I have all the time in the world to do all of this crap and still be a good mom and wife with a horrible aching back. Ok, really, I guess I felt a little bad for the homeowners because they are in the process of totally renovating their new house and I felt a little guilty when I stopped by the house to check something and found my landlord's fiance slaving away in nearly 100 degree heat painting the master bedroom. (Normally I probably wouldn't feel bad for a landlord having to paint their rental house, but keep in mind these are my incredibly nice, awesome neighbors who have never been landlords before). I told her to just get all of their stuff out of the house, clean it as best they could, and leave all of the painting stuff and I could do it all. Honestly, I enjoy painting. Do I sound crazy? Like I said, I'm a control freak. And I'm a clean freak, and I really enjoy doing things like that myself so that it's done correctly, which means my way. So when I went to double check on something again in the new house today I got a really good, close look at all of the bedrooms, the doors, the trim, the closets, etc and realized that there is a lot that needs painting. Pretty much everything. Every single surface in that house needs to be painted. It's going to be a lot of work, but this is one of those times when being a stay at home mom really pays off because I can do it whenever I feel like it with no work schedule to get in the way and it will give me a nice big project to keep me busy. Now I just need to choose colors. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to choose yet, but like I said before, I've got plenty of time. 

Also, if anyone has any tips on removing wall paper, please let me know! There is a very hideous palm tree print border going around the top of the bathroom walls. Palm trees people. There is also a very old and very un-cute Asian symbol border in the kitchen too. Yes, un-cute is a word, just trust me on that. Seems like my very nice neighbors had a very wide range of tastes. They also had bright yellow walls in the dining room, a brown wall in the living room, and taupe color in the hallway and bedroom. Not my style at all, but I will make it my own soon enough. Should I take before and after pictures? I don't know if I should. You'd probably see the before pictures and be like "You're going to live there?!" I'm pretty sure I'd lose all of my followers. Let me sleep on that one and I'll let you know.

Even with all of the crap to do we are so excited to get in to our new place. I wish it could just be done now at the snap of my fingers. I can't wait for everyone to see it when everything is painted, decorated, and unpacked. Also, you all are going to die when you see the backyard. It is so gorgeous it looks like a friggin' manicured park! 

Ooh ooh! Is anyone else on Pinterest??? I'm new and just figuring it out, but add me here so I can steal admire all of your cute ideas :)

Sometimes you need a time out

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey, remember me? Yeah, me, Melissa.

Sometimes a time out is all that you need to get your butt back into gear. I took a much needed break from technology (not just blogging) and I feel much better now. Life was getting hectic, busy, and stressful and I felt like I was having sensory overload for a little while there. I was at the point where I just didn't want to write about much of anything, much less do anything. And while my life is still hectic and stressful I feel like I can get back into the swing of things and just deal with it a little better maybe. Unplugging was nice though. You never realize how much time you spend online until you just totally step away. If you start feeling overwhelmed like I did I highly recommend just stepping away from the computer or smart phone or whatever and just take a breather. Ahhhhhhh.

So, here's what's new. We're moving! If you know me and my family at all then this probably doesn't come as much surprise to you at all because we tend to move around a bit. Thankfully this time it's our shortest move to date, as we are only moving directly across the street! One of our very nice neighbors is moving out of his house and into a new one that he bought with his fiance and has decided to rent out his old house, rather than sell it. He joked to my husband about us wanting to rent it from him and we decided to take a look at it and consider it. After doing a quick walk through to determine that it was up to par we talked numbers and were shocked by how much (or little, I should say) he wanted for rent compared to what we are paying now. Don't get me wrong, I do like our house right now, but I feel like there is a lot of wasted space in here that we don't use and it's pretty much at the top of our budget. We talked it over a few times and finally decided to just go for it. It will be a nice change and will save us a few bucks every month, which is always nice :) The owners will be out sometime this week and we will move in on or around the 1st. I'll be sure to post a ton of pictures after we get settled and I figure out the decor. Another bonus! I get to rearrange things and hopefully do some fun decorating! Stay tuned...

So what else is new...oh right, nothing really. My back is still messed up and no one really knows what is going on with it. I need to schedule another follow up with my surgeon and this other specialist that I saw last month to figure out what our next course of action is. The new specialist seemed to think I had some inflammation around the disc that was herniated before. I tried a course of medication for this and felt a little better for a few days and now the pain is back again. I'm feeling pretty discouraged about the whole situation and I'm starting to worry that I might just feel like this forever. I can totally sympathize with people who have chronic pain because this has been a year long issue now for me with little to no relief and it can be very depressing at times. Once again, stay tuned to find out if anyone can come up with a new diagnosis and course of action for me. I'm 27 and would love to be able to do normal things again, like pick up my children, weed my garden, pick up a laundry basket, and do the physical activities I used to enjoy without feeling like an 80 year old woman. If anyone reading this is a doctor then please, diagnose me! I'd appreciate it.

So far the summer has been pretty uneventful for us. We've been beating the heat here by staying inside with the AC going or playing outside in the kiddie pool. It's a little weird not being around any lakes or beaches for swimming like I'm used to. I come from North Idaho where we have plenty of lakes, rivers, and swimming holes to enjoy during the summer and there is absolutely nothing like that here in southern Washington. It's pretty desert-like here and we only have the Columbia River going right through the city but the current is much too fast for swimming. I should really make friends with someone here who owns a boat.

I'm hoping to start school sometime here relatively soon, but I don't think it will be in the fall. It's looking more like maybe winter quarter. For a while I was thinking about nursing, but now I'm contemplating something more along the lines of radiologic technology or something like that. I would love to eventually do sonography and work with pregnant women at an obgyn office. I still could change my mind back to nursing, but I'm just kind of undecided right now. Ideally I would love to be a pediatric nurse, but who knows what other stuff I'd have to do first in order to get to that, and I'm not sure if some of the other nursing fields really interest me that much. For now, I will just say that I would like to do something medically related. I know my tattoos will be an issue, but I don't have anything on my neck or hands so I can still cover up if needed. I have done it before and my coworkers didn't even know I had any tattoos at all for the first month that I worked with them. Plus, when I lived in Seattle and had Lily my labor and deliver nurse was a nice young gal with sleeves and a chest piece who was only partially covered up. With long sleeves I still look like a nice normal member of society :)

I'm hoping to start another quilt very very's been a few months since I've really worked on any sewing projects and my brain is full of great ideas just dying to get out! I need to get some new fabric too.

Speaking of projects...I completely forgot that I never updated everyone on my big dining room table and chairs refinishing project. In case you forgot, my post here showed my before pictures of my table and chairs and I showed you my inspiration I got from another blog for the painting and refinishing. Just to refresh your memory here is a picture of what it looked like when I first started priming the table (I forgot to take a good before picture, sorry).

And finally, after 2 coats of primer, 3 coats of black paint, and a couple coats of is the finished product!

Do you love it? I sure do! I am so extremely happy with how it turned out and I'm so relieved that I didn't completely ruin the entire dining set by not finishing it properly or something. It now goes perfectly with our decor and it will look stunning in my new dining room in a couple of weeks :) Let me know what you think!

For now, I will leave you with a few of my favorite summer pictures thus far.

These were pictures from our trip back to my hometown to visit my family and see my brother graduate.

 Lake Coeur d'Alene in North Idaho. This is where I grew up. I spent many summer days at this lake! Isn't it gorgeous?

Me & my kids. Apparently it was too bright to keep my eyes open.

Lillers at the playground

Lily let me sit in her "castle" with her.

Ayden on a tire swing thingy

He loved it

Slip & Slide!!! I love his face

Lily preferred to strut daintily down it

Ayden got the hang of it rather quickly

xoxo, Melissa 
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