Vintage Revivals...come makeover my room!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet my BFF Mandi.

Aren't we cute? BFFs 4 Life! 

Except Mandi doesn't really know me. I stalk am a fan of her awesome blog Vintage Revivals.

The first time I saw her blog I ended up staying up until 5am reading each and every word and looking at every amazing projects that she had done. She has this amazing ability to find what others might call useless old junk from a thrift store and turn it into beautiful stuff to decorate her house with. I'm pretty dang jealous of her house.

When I saw that cute little owl guy I about died, because we all know how much I love owls.
And guess what?

Yep, she's doing a contest on her blog that I must win! All I have to do is post some pictures of my crappy room I want her to makeover and then if mine is picked she will come to my house and work her magic! And maybe, just maybe, I'll even get my husband to tattoo "I <3 Mandi" on me while she's here. (And don't think I won't guys. Remember, my husband is a super awesome tattoo artist, so Mandi, if you want to get my name tattooed on yourself then he'll do it for free. I'm just sayin...)

So here's my living room. I have no idea where to even start with this room. I have no idea what my style is. I have plenty of Mandi's ideas floating around in my head but no idea of how to actually put those ideas to good use in my living room.

I know it's not the uglies room in America, but it certainly isn't pretty! I've already taken the liberty of pointing out every hideous flaw in this room for you. Feel free to add more! 

 Mandi used to have a "seizure wall" in her house, but I loved hers. I hate mine. It gives me anxiety just looking at it.

I love these couches because of the shape and the fact that they are super deep and comfy. I am not crazy about the green color though and I've dreamed of reupholstering them and making some cute new throw pillows. Mandi has reupholstered some furniture before and it looked awesome, but I'm too cheap afraid of ruining these couches and having to buy new ones, so they've remained this ugly green color :(

 And right outside of my living room is this weird hallway/foyer area that is a huge blank waste of space right now...

 Seriously...I'd love it if this "room" were anything but empty. I just have no idea what to do with it though!

So don't you think Mandi should come here to beautiful, sunny Washington and fix my sad little living room for me? I mean, we are BFFs and all, so you'd think she would wanna help me out, right?! I'd be happy if my room even had 1% of the cuteness that hers has. I'm gonna need everyone to vote for me when the contest closes and hopefully the next time anyone sees my living room it won't have bright yellow arrows all over it pointing out all of the ugliness. Thank you!!!


  1. Melissa!
    Girl you are hilarious. We are totally BFFs. We could work some magic on that space fo sho!! Thanks for linking up and good luck!

    Love your guts

  2. Gah! I just had a moment because my blogger bff just left a comment ON MY BLOG!!! :)

  3. Just discovered you from Mandi's blog! Seriously funny {it could be because it is late} but I really just laughed out loud because of your dead plant...that is so me too! :) Good luck in this epic contest!

  4. I love, love, love your blog. I myself am beginning my little tattooed family of my own. Engaged to the love of my life who is in the Army and heavily tattooed as well as I :). Your family is adorable and I'll totally be voting for you in this contest!! Good luck!

  5. Melissa - no one would deserve this makeover more! I just checked out Mandi's blog..... SO CUTE! Best wishes!

  6. Melissa,
    I just had to stop by again cause one of my friends said that you are her fave....and I had to show the hubs! He loves the tattoo idea. LOL!

    Ok goodnight!!

    Love your guts

  7. Hey You are so adorable and FUNNY!! I hope you win, I cant enter because we live in an apartment and cant paint. and we will also be moving in the next few months. so BOO on that. BUT I tried following your blog and your "follow" button doesnt work...

  8. Thank you Jenn. I think maybe you tried to click on my blog button, which only links to my blog. The "follow" button on the very very top left hand side (right below where you type in your web address) should be working correctly. Thanks for reading and I hope you try to subscribe again!


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