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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello computer world! This is my very first blog. I used to blog a lot back when Myspace first started & I really miss being able to write like this. Facebook status updates are just not enough for me, & I've never been fond of the "notes" that Facebook allows you to write. I'm not quite sure what direction I want to take this blog just yet...whether it be the joys & trials of motherhood, marriage, fashion, crafting, cooking, or just everything kind of jumbled together (my life!) I have too many thoughts & ideas rolling around in my head & I find that being able to write things down helps to give me some kind of release & also helps me to document my life & the lives of my children as well. So bear with me as I try to navigate blogger & make my page super cute & crafty looking! Stay tuned for my first "real" post later on


  1. I look forward to reading it! You'd be fantastic at it!

  2. Yea FB isn't a great place to blog...never knew what people used "notes" for in the first place. And I never knew people blogged on Myspace (during the time I decided to be anti-social I guess). But blogging is great and it's nice to keep things diverse! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are a girl after my own heart, love the tattoos, Jesus lover, stay-at-home mama, DIY crafter, etc. So glad I found your blog on My First Time.


  4. Just found your blog from the link up! I love it. :)

    And I remember blogging on Myspace! I almost want to go check my old myspace out to see what I use to write. Haha!

  5. My Space. Lol, I blogged one time on myspace! I didn't even really know what it was back then. Thanks for linking up girl! :)

  6. Found you through the link up! Glad I did and look forward to reading more!! :)


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