Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Choice

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read. I'm a huge book lover, and reading is one of my favorite past times, going all the way back to when I was an early teen and fell in love with my first novel. That's when I realized I could escape in a book. An amazing book will sweep you away and get you wrapped up in the storyline and character development, and will vividly come to life in your mind and imagination. It's an amazing thing, really! I could get lost for hours in a really good book. 

One of my favorites is when a book is made into a movie. I love seeing how things translate from a page in a book to the big screen. One of my recently read favorites, The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks, is getting ready to hit theaters this Friday, February 5th! 

The Choice is another great love story set in North Carolina, where two unlikely neighbors meet and eventually fall in love. Gabby, a feisty medical student preparing to settle down with her long-term boyfriend, and Travis, the ladies man who thinks a serious relationship would cramp his lifestyle, embark on a surprising romantic journey neither thought possible. After a whirlwind weekend together and an irresistible attraction neither of them expected, a choice has to be made. How far would you go to keep the hope of love alive? This story definitely resonates with everyone, because who hasn't wondered about the choices they've made in life and how that got them to where they are now? 

Check out a sneak peek of the trailer for The Choice below. Doesn't it look like the perfect Valentine's Day date movie or night out with the girls? 

Learn more about The Choice here.

Are you a Nicholas Sparks fan? Which books and movies are your favorite? Will you read or watch this one? 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Data & a movie w/ Walmart Family Mobile Plus

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As a blogger and a busy mom of three (with one more on the way), life can get pretty crazy. My husband has an intense workload and schedule, my kids have school and after school commitments, I've got a rambunctious 18-month-old to run after, I have a blog to write for, and a house to manage. As our family expands, so does our budget. I'm always looking for ways to save money and get the best value possible out of every purchase and household expense. Last year, I took a leap and switched our cell phone service to Walmart Family Mobile and haven't looked back. Now, I'm staying more organized, keeping in touch with family and friends, keeping up on my blog, and I'm getting a great value with the new Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan, featuring unlimited talk, text, and data with 10GB of 4G LTE, plus a free VUDU movie rental every month.

Walmart Family Mobile Plus just launched and it's the best cell phone plan value I've seen anywhere, with unlimited everything and now a whopping 10GB of 4G LTE data for only $49.88 a month. As a blogger, I have to constantly keep up on all things social media related and reply to important emails around the clock. With 10GB of data, I don't have to worry about going over my data limit anymore when I'm not connected to WIFI, and I can reply to those priority emails, post the latest Instagram photo, reply to tweets, upload that YouTube video, pay bills, download coupons while I'm shopping, and stream music and movies, all while running errands and using the GPS on my phone to get around town. Not to mention the long car rides, where the kids end up with my phone to play their gaming apps and watch their favorite shows while on the road. When we're out of town and away from WIFI, I don't have to stress anymore about watching my data usage. Plus, Walmart Family Mobile Plus also gives me one free movie rental on VUDU every month, which means more family time snuggled on the couch with my kiddos and husband. Walmart Family Mobile Plus is the only way I could ever afford all of this!

Walmart Family Mobile has an awesome selection of smart phones at a really affordable price, which is another reason why I love them. I was able to stroll into my local Walmart store and pick up this Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for only $79.92 (on rollback from $99.92!) I love this phone! It's got a 4.5" display,  a rear-facing 5 megapixel camera,  and a front-facing 2 megapixel camera, which means I can snap and send pictures and selfies everywhere I go (and again- no worries about going over my data limit with 10GB of 4G LTE!) This super-thin Android phone is beautiful, and it seems to charge really quick- perfect, since I'm always running out the door and never remember to charge my phone. Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

The Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan and my amazing little smart phone are all I need to help keep me connected and organized. You know some people who can't leave home without their phone? That's me now. This baby is my alarm clock, organizer, phone, GPS, and basically my lifeline to connect me to the outside world. As a busy mom working from home, Walmart Family Mobile Plus is a definite must-have!

What do you think about Walmart Family Mobile's new plan and phones? Would your family enjoy an unlimited talk and text plan with 10GB of data, plus a free VUDU movie rental every month? I highly recommend checking out Walmart's selection of plans and phones if you're looking for the best value out there!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Recent Beauty Favorites

Hey dolls! It's been a while since I've shared some of my recent beauty favorites and I figured it was about time I dish on some of my latest beauty loves. These aren't necessarily brand new products, but they are new to me, and I've pretty much fallen in love with each and every one of them. Somehow they've made their way into my beauty routine, and I'll tell you exactly why I love them and how I use them. 

Before I get to the products, I wanted to let you know that this post is not sponsored in any way, but it does contain affiliate links, which means that if you happen to purchase said item through the link, I get compensation for it (a very, very small percentage). I've also included regular links to the brand websites too, but in cases where the item can be found cheaper somewhere else (like on Amazon) I let you know and linked you to the better deal (where I purchased it from). I'm just sharing a good deal when I see one!

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo | $5.99

As a naturally curly-haired woman who never wears her natural curl, dry shampoo is like my #1 hair must-have. I only wash my hair every 3-4 days, which allows me to smooth it with my blow dryer only twice a week and keeps it from getting overly fried. It also leaves me with some crazy greasy hair by the end of day 2. I've tried just about every dry shampoo on the market and this is the one I tend to buy the most. It's pretty cheap and you get a pretty good sized bottle (some drug store aerosols are tiny!) and it smells great. Plus, it's not as noticeably white and chalky as some others. I have dark roots, so if I go a little overboard it can tend to look a little grey. To avoid this, I shake the can, hold it about 8-10 inches away from my hair and spray all over my roots, hairline, and any greasy-looking areas that need some help. Then I let it sit for a minute or two, flip my head over, and use my fingertips and palms to rub the product in and diffuse any remaining white powder. Some dry shampoos are pretty heavily fragranced, but this one is light and refreshing, and not too overpowering.

John Frieda Root Blur | 18.99 {$14.99 on Amazon}

I've been looking for an affordable product like this forever now, and I'm so glad John Frieda finally created this product that's available in drug stores. It's a pigmented mineral powder and brush set that used to blend away roots in between color jobs. Whether you have grey, dark roots, or light roots, this product can help camouflage any obvious roots you have. I don't know about you, but my hair grows pretty quickly. I have these super light, golden blonde roots that start to show about a week or two after I get my roots touched up, and then I'm stuck staring at those little blondies until I'm ready to refresh my color again. I use the Chestnut to Espresso color, and the combination of both colors lightly brushed on my part and around my hairline works perfectly, allowing me to stretch out the weeks in between root touch ups. It comes in 4 colors, and hopefully, they'll create a few more (especially for the red heads!) Tip: if it's a dry shampoo day, I use that first and finish with the root powder. 

Hey Honey Open Your Eyes eye contour lifting cream | $28

I was recently introduced to this product through my January Ipsy Glam Bag and I'm so glad I got a chance to try it. I have a lot of different eye creams that all promise to do different things, and most of them don't deliver. My main problem is puffiness under my eyes, and I'm also concerned with the little fine lines I'm started to get (hello, 31). Another problem I have is finding an eye cream that I can use in the morning that won't cake up underneath my eye makeup- most are too thick or goopy. This eye cream truly does work to reduce the puffiness and tightens the skin under my eyes in the morning without leaving me with little balled up bits of greasy cream under my concealer. $28 is a bit of a splurge, but my eyes are totally worth it and this product totally delivers. When my little tube from Ipsy runs out I'll definitely be ordering a full sized tube!

E.L.F. Instant Lift Brow Pencil | $2

I've been trying to go for more of a natural look with my brows lately, which is super hard to do with sparse brows and after years of drawing them on with a pretty heavy hand. I love this waxy pencil and the brow brush on the end. I use the brush first to tame my brows, then use the pencil to lightly draw short, quick lines, mimicking tiny eyebrow hairs. If I get it too dark, I use the brush to gently comb the brows again and to lighten and soften the penciled areas. It took a bit of practice, but after a couple of days I fell in love and now prefer this pencil over my usual brow stuff. The only downside is that I've only been able to find this pencil online, so next time I'm ordering like 5 at a time. The color I use is Neutral Brown and one pencil lasted me about 2 months.

E.L.F. Hydrating Under Eye Primer | $3

This hydrating under eye primer is infused with Vitamin C & E, shea, green tea, aloe, and ginko biloba to condition the skin. I love how lightweight and sheer it is, making it moisturizing without pilling underneath concealer. It really keeps your makeup from settling into fine lines and gives my under eye concealer major staying power.

Well, there you go- five of my recent beauty favorites. Have you used or heard of any of these? Let me know in the comment section- I love hearing about new beauty products and why I need to be using them!

Don't forget to enter this giveaway too! 


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